General Hospital 8-15-19 Recap 15th August 2019

General Hospital 8-15-19
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General Hospital 8-15-19 Recap 15th August 2019

General Hospital 8-15-19, Jason and Sam talked about what happened to Franco. Robert told them what happened. After Robert left, they talked about how bad they felt for Franco. She wondered if he could tell Drew about his past.

General Hospital 8-15-19 Recap 15th August 2019

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General Hospital 8-15-19

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Obrecht caught Hayden sneaking around Helena’s room. She was going to call the cops until Hayden said why she was there. Jax texted Hayden, but Obrecht snatched the phone from her. She read what Jax wrote to her. Obrecht demanded to know what was going on between them. Hayden told her they were working on something together. Obrecht sent Jax a text, but she pretended to be Hayden. She lied and said Obrecht left so it was safe. She made sure that Jax wouldn’t get in trouble because she deleted Hayden’s history. Obrecht was about to call the police until she said she would get Jax to go out with her.

Franco kissed Kim. She was surprised and backed away from him. Drew and Liz went over to Franco. He talked about memories Drew had with Kim. Liz told him that he was Franco, but he didn’t believe it. Franco walked away, but Liz went after him. He told her that he didn’t know her. He didn’t want to get to know her. Franco walked away from her. Drew and Liz caught up with Kim and told her about Franco. Liz wanted to get someone to reverse the procedure. Drew advised her to remind him that he’s Franco.

Drew tried to console Liz when Sam arrived. Sam wanted to talk to Franco, but he was gone. Valentin ran into Finn and wanted to know about Cassandra. Robert showed up and they talked about Anna having info about her. Valentin left so Robert admitted he was trying to get rid of them. They wanted to find out what Valentin was up to. Brad found out that Julian and Kim were moving. He wasn’t thrilled about that. Brad wanted him to stay. Brad wanted to know what he would do if Wiley’s parents show up. Brad let him know their talks were the only thing keeping sane. Julian assured him that he would be able to move on if he’s gone and with Shiloh in jail. Julian thought he would be okay because no one else knew about it. Brad thought about Obrecht and agreed with him.

General Hospital 8-15-19 Recap 15th August 2019.


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