General Hospital 8-16-19 Recap 16th August 2019

General Hospital 8-16-19
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General Hospital 8-16-19 Recap 16th August 2019

General Hospital 8-16-19, Sam told Sonny and Carly that Franco doesn’t have his memories. She said that he had Drew’s memories. Carly wondered what chance Franco had since Drew still had Jason’s memories. Carly wanted to know if they were supposed to treat Franco as Drew or a stranger. Sonny told Sam about Mike’s wedding. He said he and Carly were going to renew their vows.

General Hospital 8-16-19 Recap 16th August 2019

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General Hospital 8-16-19

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Drew talked to Monica about Franco. Drew said he was worried about Franco. Drew remembered that trying to reverse the procedure could put Franco in a coma. Monica said the good news was Franco could give Drew his memories. She said she could find out about the twin she and Alan were denied. Drew thought Franco wouldn’t share his memories with him.

Hayden ran into Finn. He told her what happened to Franco and Liz. He wanted to talk to her about something else. He said working at Aurora and Crimson might have exposed her to a serious contagion. He told her about what happened with Sasha. Hayden said she wanted to be there for Liz and her kids. She thanked him for letting her know what was going on.

When Liz went home, Cameron wanted to know where Franco was. Cameron asked if Franco was okay. She told him what was going on. She was convinced that they could reverse what happened to Franco. She said she was going to fight for Franco. She said that Franco would fight for her if there was any part of him left. Cameron said he would help her with Franco.

Franco saw Jason. Franco called him twin. Franco told him about an old picture he saw of Jason from high school. Franco said he looked up the family and found out about him. Franco said their father kept Jason and dumped him. Jason told him what really happened. Jason said Drew was stolen and given to Betsy Frank without the Quartermaines knowing anything about it. Jason said it had nothing to do with him since he is Franco. Franco said he wasn’t Franco. Franco said he was leaving town.

Jason told Franco that a lot of people cared about him. Jason said he couldn’t leave. Franco got upset when Jason called him Franco. Franco said no one will call him that again. Chase and Willow were near them and noticed them arguing. Chase tried to stop them from arguing. Franco ended up hitting Chase. Chase arrested him for hitting a police officer.

General Hospital 8-16-19 Recap 16th August 2019.


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