General Hospital 8-19-19 Recap 19th August 2019

General Hospital 8-19-19
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General Hospital 8-19-19 Recap 19th August 2019

General Hospital 8-19-19,Scott didn’t believe what Drew said about Franco. Jordan told Shiloh that he was going away for a while. He wanted to call someone. When he was alone, he called someone and said Alexis’ name.their vows.

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General Hospital 8-19-19

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Jason went to see Franco. Franco wanted answers. Jason told him about Helena and what Cabot did to him. Jason realized that he shouldn’t have talked to Franco. When Jason left, Scott showed up. Franco was nice to him. Scott wanted to be his lawyer.Shiloh was locked up in the cell across from Franco. Shiloh talked about what they did Afghanistan. Shiloh thought about Helena paying off Hank for giving Drew to her. She wouldn’t tell Franco what she was going to do with Drew.Franco made fun of Shiloh for going to prison. Hank wanted the name of the person who was working with Helena. Jordan told Jason that Shiloh was going to Pentonville. Scott showed up and talked to Jordan. She said they didn’t have enough evidence to keep Franco. Scott thought Franco would run if he were released.Olivia went to Sonny’s house. She saw Sonny, Robert and Lulu there. Robert told them that Dante was moved and he wasn’t coming home. Olivia didn’t believe it. Robert said things were worse than they thought. Olivia said Dante needed to be with his family. Lulu didn’t think her son could handle it.Sonny told Robert that he didn’t do enough to help Dante. Olivia said she wasn’t giving up on Dante. She said she wanted to see Dante. Robert said he would do what he could.Lulu told Sonny and Olivia that she wasn’t fighting the divorce. She said it would be final. She wanted to make her son happy. She didn’t want him to worry. She said Sonny and Olivia would always be family. Lulu wanted them to spend time with Rocco.Alexis showed up at Charlie’s to meet the new owner. Sam came in. Julian told her that he was leaving town. He wanted to tell her goodbye. Sam wondered if Alexis was upset that Julian changed for Kim, but not for her. Alexis wished Julian luck.Julian told Sam that her kids were his grandchildren. He said he couldn’t change the past, but he would like to see his grandchildren before he left. She said he could see them. Jason showed up and said Shiloh was going away.Jason told Sam that he tried to talk to Franco, but he didn’t think it did any good. Jason didn’t think Franco would go back to his old life. Olivia showed up and said she was buying Charlie’s. She said Leo loved the place and she wanted to keep it for him.Liz and Hayden talked about Franco. Curtis and Drew showed up to tell Liz about Franco. Curtis was happy that Hayden was there for Liz. Drew told them about the flashdrive. Curtis and Drew left to look for Andre. Hayden wondered how Liz would convince Franco to give up his life for a life he didn’t remember.

General Hospital 8-19-19 Recap 19th August 2019.


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