General Hospital 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019

General Hospital 9-6-19
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General Hospital 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019

General Hospital 9-10-19, Julian figured out who Wiley’s parents are. Brad confessed to stealing Sonny’s grandchild. Brad told him what happened. He said it was Nelle’s idea. He told Julian why he went along with the plan.

General Hospital 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019

General Hospital 9-10-19

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Julian couldn’t believe Brad went along with the plan. Brad said he wasn’t sorry for what he did. He also confessed to pushing Obrecht off the boat. They were curious as to why Obrecht hasn’t said anything. Brad asked him to kill Obrecht.

Jason went to Franco’s room. He was shocked that Monica was there. Jason told them about Drew’s plane was missing. Jason said no one survived. He said he thought it was linked to Andre’s stabbing.

Jason warned Franco that whoever tried to kill Andre was coming after him. Jason wanted to protect him. Franco called for a plane ticket.

Peter made a call to someone. He asked why Andre was still alive. Peter said the life he built would be over if Franco remembered Drew’s memories about him.

Kim thought about Franco. Kim stopped thinking about him when Liz showed up. Liz confronted her about kissing Franco. Kim apologized to her. Liz said how Franco thought he felt didn’t matter. Kim said she was moving with Julian.

Liz and Kim argued over who Franco was. Liz said Kim was making it worse. Kim said having someone who shared her memories meant everything. Kim said she knew there wasn’t a future with Franco, but this was important. Kim wanted to know what Liz was going to do if Franco only remembered Drew’s life. Liz told her to accept reality and stop encouraging Franco’s delusion.

Liz left to call Scott. She told him they had to work fast to get Franco committed. Jason saw her on the phone. Jason told her that Drew disappeared.

Kim went to see Franco. She told him that she couldn’t run away with him. He told her that Drew was missing. He told her that he was sorry.

General Hospital 9-10-19 Recap 10th September 2019.


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