General Hospital 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019

General Hospital 9-11-19
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General Hospital 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019

General Hospital 9-11-19, Sam talked to Liz about Drew’s plane. Sam told her that Drew might be alive. Franco told Kim that Drew’s plane disappeared. He said Drew was gone. Kim couldn’t believe it because she just saw him. He comforted her.

Rocco was upset at his party. He missed his father. Valentin wanted Sonny’s help. Valentin wanted him to take care of Cassandra since she was a common enemy.

General Hospital 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019

General Hospital 9-11-19

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Jax wanted to talk to Curtis about something. Liz told Sam that she wanted her family back together. Liz said it would was sad that Drew would be gone, but it would be worth it to have her family back. Liz noticed Sam’s reaction. Liz thought Sam didn’t think it was worth having Franco back. Kim was upset about Drew. Franco continued to comfort her.

Rocco told Lulu that he wished his father was there. She said he was sick and had to get better before he came home. He said she said that months ago. Olivia suggested that he open his gift. He opened a gift from Dante.

Laura wanted to know what was going on. Jordan told her about Drew’s plane. Laura didn’t think it was a coincidence that Andre was stabbed when Drew’s plane went missing.

Chase went to see Franco. Chase told Franco and Kim about Drew’s plane. Chase said Drew went to see Andre. Chase said Andre was stabbed.

Liz and Sam argued over Franco. Sam didn’t want Franco to be back. She told Liz that she thought about what he did to her. She also said she didn’t want to tell Scout that her father was gone. Liz said she didn’t want to tell her kids that they lost someone else that they cared about. Sam told her it would be better for her to leave Franco the way he was and move on. Hayden wanted to know what was going on.

Lulu was upset with Olivia for lying to Rocco. Olivia did it to make him happy. Lulu said it was manipulative. Rocco was happy with his gift.

Jax told Curtis that Drew was his best friend. Jax knew it was going to be hard working on the case. Curtis said he would be okay. Jax said they had to figure out where Helena was. Curtis said he knew who could help.

Laura and Jordan talked about Cassandra. They were wondering why Cassandra went after Sasha. They thought she should have gone after Charlotte or anyone in Anna’s family.

Hayden stopped Sam from yelling at Liz. Sam didn’t want Hayden judging her about Franco after what she did when she came to town. Sam told Liz that she wanted to make sure that she was okay.

Chase continued to grill Franco about Drew being missing. Franco didn’t know what happened. Kim was tired of Chase grilling him. While she was talking, she called Franco Drew.

Kim said Franco had nothing to do with Drew’s plane crash or Andre’s stabbing. Kim asked when Andre was stabbed. Chase said last night. Kim said they were at Oscar’s meadow. Chase said Franco wasn’t a suspect. Chase said he wanted his help. He showed him a picture of a suspect. Franco said he didn’t recognize him.

Jax and Sam talked about Drew. He wanted to make sure Scout’s legacy was taken care of when Drew came back. Jax suggested that she came back to Aurora and do Drew’s job.

Kim didn’t understand how Franco was so calm about Chase accusing him of hurting Drew. He was okay with it. She was still upset. He told her that she called him Drew.

Drew told Kim that he remembered every moment they had together. She said she had to go. She said she told him everything she needed to. He said he did too.

Liz told Hayden that Franco was replaced by a stranger. She didn’t know what to tell the kids about Franco. Hayden said they would do it together.

General Hospital 9-11-19 Recap 11th September 2019.


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