General Hospital Spoilers July 4 – July 8 , 2016 | GH Spoilers 2016

General Hospital Spoilers July 4
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General Hospital Spoilers July 4 – July 8, 2016

Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek/Preview video below to find out what’s happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of July 4 to July 8 , 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers July 4 ,Monday

  • A body is discovered on the rocks.
  • A heartbroken Morgan watches from the distance.
  • Jordan makes an arrest.

General Hospital Spoilers July 5, Tuesday

  • Tracy (Jane Elliot) and Rachel’s relationship momentarily thaws.
  • Finn (Michael Easton) gets news about his life-saving meds.
  • Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) ex Claudette appears in Port Charles.
  • Maxie (Kirsten Storms) takes a liking to someone interviewing for a position at Crimson

General Hospital July 6, Wednesday

  • Jason, Sam, Nikolas and Ava (Maura West) find themselves trapped.
  • Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) makes a bold move to expose the truth.
  • Griffin (Matt Cohen) has an uncomfortable conversation with Maxie.

General Hospital Spoiler July 7, Thursday

  • Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) seems successful in evading Julian’s suspicions.
  • Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) are concerned about Claudette’s true intention for being in Port Charles.
  • Curtis (Donnell Turner) gets a new job.

General Hospital Spoiler July 8, Friday

  • Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) is on the verge of coming clean with Aaron(John DeLuca).
  • Julian (William deVry) makes a desperate bid for escape.
  • Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) realize there’s more to Spencer’s phone calls than meets the eye.

General Hospital Spoilers July 4 – July 8 , 2016 | GH Spoilers 2016.