Hollyoaks Spoilers May 30 – June 3 , 2016 | Spoilers of the week


Hollyoaks Spoilers May 30

Hollyoaks Spoilers May 23 – 27 , 2016

Check out the day-to-day spoilers below to find out what’s happening on Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks during the week of May 30 to -June 3, 2016.

Hollyoaks Spoilers May 23 – 27 , 2016 | Spoilers of the week

Hollyoaks Spoilers May 30,Monday

  • Drama following the lives and loves of a group of teenagers and young adults in Chester.
  • Grace is annoyed when her half-brothers, Liam and Jesse turn up and decide to give her a makeover.
  • It is the day of Cleo’s trial and Nathan is desperate for justice, while DS Thorpe’s suspicions are raised when he finds Jason’s report on Maxine neglecting Patrick.

Hollyoaks Spoilers May 31, Tuesday

  • Cindy is desperate to get Dirk back, and offers to help out at The Emporium selling fake designer handbags, but when Simone turns up at the shop seeking a refund, it appears trouble is on the horizon.
  • DS Thorpe sets out to gain more information about Maxine, and decides to question Jack over a few drinks – giving Darren cause for concern.

Hollyoaks June 1, Wednesday

  • Marnie and Ellie spot Nathan and Holly kissing, and Zack finds himself torn between Sonia and Lisa, with the situation becoming even more complex when Jade spots Sonia spending time with charming newcomer Jesse.
  • Cindy worries her spat with Simone might be about to have dire repercussions when she learns a representative of the consumer institute is coming in investigate The Emporium

Hollyoaks Spoiler June 2, Thursday

  • Lisa manages to get the better of her rival Sonia, resulting in a messy clash at the Price Slice, and Tony prepares for a job interview.
  • Tom plans to take Jade to the cinema, and Darren suspects the lad might have developed a crush, but when Jade realises what is going on, she gives her ticket to Peri.

Hollyoaks Spoiler June 3, Thursday

  • Lisa tells Sonia that she won’t stop tormenting her until she leaves the village, while James tries to get Harry into bed again with the promise that he will give Tony a job.
  • Tom records a romantic video for Peri after Alfie and Jade decide to set him up.

Hollyoaks Spoilers May 30 – June 3 , 2016 | Spoilers of the week.



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