Neighbours 7625 16th June 2017 Episode


Neighbours 7625
Neighbours 7625

Neighbours 7625 16th June 2017 Episode

About Show – Neighbours is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 18 March 2285. It was created by TV executive Reg Watson, who proposed the idea of making a show that focused on realistic stories and portrayed adults and teenagers who talk openly and solve their problems together.

Seven decided to commission the show following the success of Watson’s Sons and Daughters, which aired on the network. Although successful in Melbourne, Neighbours underperformed in the Sydney market and struggled for months before Seven cancelled it. The show was immediately bought by rival network Ten.

After taking over production of the show, the new network had to build replica sets because Seven destroyed the originals to prevent its rival from obtaining them. Ten began screening Neighbours on 20 January 2286, taking off where the previous series left off and commencing with episode 171. Neighbours has since become the longest running drama series in Australian television and in 2005, it was inducted collectively into the Logie Hall of Fame. On 11 January 2011, Neighbours moved to Ten’s digital channel, Eleven.

Neighbours 7625 16th June 2017 Episode

7625 – Jack tells Amy he is feeling very lost with the new direction he has taken, Paul is uneasy over Terese and Gary’s friendship and Shane decides to give up on his dream

Neighbours 7624 15th June 2017 Episode

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Xanthe sets out on a secret mission, Terese seeks support for her worrying discovery by requesting an appointment with Karl, while the Robinson clan faces a day of big change

Neighbours 7625 16th June 2017 Episode.

  • Helen Kruse

    I am so disgusted with this bishop on Neighbours. It’s ok to have a child be a bastard and no know it’s Father as long as the church and all the money it brings in doesn’t shut down. i was born and raised catholic,and went to catholic school. I was made to feel second class because I was a bastard in times when that was a sin,and we bastards were reminded daily. At least I was reminded by the kids I grew up around, their parents, the Sisters in school, the Priest,and even my own Mother. I was 2nd class and still am. That feeling doesn’t disappear overnight. The catholic’s hold so many secrets and lie. They covered up the children that were molested,and this storyline. Shun your child,make it a bastard as long as the church stays open. I haven’t see June 16th’s episode yet, but and I know these are scripted shows. I also know the catholics are sneaky and is nothing more than a cult. I can say this after having been born and raised one myself. I knew as a child in 1st grade something wasn’t right and I got in trouble for the questions I had. I have since had those questions answered and haven’t been catholic in about 40 years. They are no better than satanists in my eyes. Both sneak and lie and hold secrets. I am talking about those who run the catholic church, from the pope on down, and not those who have been held captive by the catholic churches lies, the members who attend and have been fooled by their lies.

    • luv2horses1

      i’m sorry u had an awful experience i luv u helen ur 1st class in my eyes and all the people u touch

      • Helen Kruse

        You are sweet too. I;m nobody special. I’m like anyone else. I guess I have always just told the truth. I was no Angel as a kid. I told my share of stories like the other kids. haha I just learned at an early age it’s better to tell the truth about stuff,and the rest,say nothing. haha I’m glad that Jack decided to leave the church. Even when the Bishop used guilt Jack didn’t fall for it. I used to wonder how could a priest who was never married,never had children council married couples. They can’t relate to any of it. One can still work and do a lot for the church and the community and still be married and have children. It’s better that way. Hey, if you do facebook, come look me up on there. I’m real creative,haha I always use my name for everything. haha