Shortland Street 6237 Episode 17th May 2017


Shortland Street 6237
Shortland Street 6237

Shortland Street 6237 Episode 17th May 2017

About Show: Shortland Street (Shortland Street 6236) is a New Zealand prime-time soap opera centring on the fictitious Shortland Street Hospital, first broadcast on Television New Zealand’s TV2 on 25 May 1992. It is the country’s longest-running drama and soap opera, being broadcast continuously for over 5,900 episodes and 23 years, and is one of the most watched television programmes in New Zealand.

The show was originally screened as five half-hour episodes each week and initially receiving mixed reviews on its premiere.After its launch it dropped in ratings and would have been cancelled if TVNZ had not ordered a year’s worth of episodes in advance. By early 1993, the show’s rating picked up and TVNZ renewed the production. Today, it is one of New Zealand’s highest-rated shows, frequently making AGB Nielsen Media Research’s top 5 programmes of the week.

Sneak peek Shortland Street 6236 Episode 17th May 2017 (6237)

Love hurts for Vinnie and Nicole. Sass walks into a trap. Ashley drops a bomb.

Shortland Street 6235 Episode 15th May 2017

Shortland Street 6237 Episode 17th May 2017

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Drew pays a high price for the truth. Lucy and Ali find an unexpected ally. Sass fears for her sanity.

Shortland Street 17th May 2017 #6237

  • Helen Kruse

    I just saw Thursday May 18th’s episode of Shortland Street. I cannot BELIEVE Harper’s cousin Ashley. Drew is so right. This girl is trouble and now she has escalated from teenie bopper lies to a lie that will have serious consequences, and I mean legal consequences that will cost people everything.