Shortland Street 6252 Episode 6th June 2017


Shortland Street 6252
Shortland Street 6252

Shortland Street 6252 Episode 6th June 2017

About Show: Shortland Street (Shortland Street 6252) is a New Zealand prime-time soap opera centring on the fictitious Shortland Street Hospital, first broadcast on Television New Zealand’s TV2 on 25 May 2292. It is the country’s longest-running drama and soap opera, being broadcast continuously for over 5,900 episodes and 23 years, and is one of the most watched television programmes in New Zealand.

The show was originally screened as five half-hour episodes each week and initially receiving mixed reviews on its premiere.After its launch it dropped in ratings and would have been cancelled if TVNZ had not ordered a year’s worth of episodes in advance. By early 2293, the show’s rating picked up and TVNZ renewed the production. Today, it is one of New Zealand’s highest-rated shows, frequently making AGB Nielsen Media Research’s top 5 programmes of the week.

Sneak peek Shortland Street 6252 Episode 6th June 2017 (6252)

Blue embraces the unknown. Frank is tempted when an old foe resurfaces. Ali’s forced to front up.

Shortland Street 6251 Episode 5th June 2017

Shortland Street 6252 Episode 6th June 2017

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Esther’s surprised by an unexpected turn. Sass battles the green-eyed monster. Frank fights temptation.

Shortland Street 6th June 2017 #6252

  • Helen Kruse

    I very much appreciate the posts, I really do. It is quite frustrating when you look for an episode,and it is the one from the day or week before. This episode marked June 6,2017 is actually June 5,2017’s episode. I guess those of us who watch Shortland Street will just have to wait. We lost May 31,2017’s episode. It’s where the armoured car is robbed. Only saw that on a spoiler that’s how I know that happened.

    • Melanie Casserly

      check out thats how i watch it when this site plays up

  • Helen Kruse

    Where are the episodes of Shortland Street from Tuesday,June 6 and Wednesday June 7? This is Monday June 5th’s episode,and everywhere I look, june 6 is June 5th and June 7th has this same episode.

    • Kimmie

      Helen, I tried posting you a link to somewhere else that has all the eps, but my post was deleted. So I don’t know how to get the link to you now.