Shortland Street 6288-6289 Episode 24th July 2017


Shortland Street 6288-6289
Shortland Street 6288-6289

Shortland Street 6288-6289 Episode 24th July 2017

About Show: Shortland Street (Shortland Street 6288-6289) is a New Zealand prime-time soap opera centring on the fictitious Shortland Street Hospital, first broadcast on Television New Zealand’s TV2 on 25 May 1992. It is the country’s longest-running drama and soap opera, being broadcast continuously for over 6,000 episodes and 25 years, and is one of the most watched television programmes in New Zealand.

The show was originally screened as five half-hour episodes each week and initially receiving mixed reviews on its premiere.After its launch it dropped in ratings and would have been cancelled if TVNZ had not ordered a year’s worth of episodes in advance. By early 1993, the show’s rating picked up and TVNZ renewed the production. Today, it is one of New Zealand’s highest-rated shows, frequently making AGB Nielsen Media Research’s top 5 programmes of the week.

Sneak peek Shortland Street 6288-6289 Episode 24th July 2017 (6288-6289)

Damo bares all to Nicole. Deb takes control of Chris. Kylie and Frank hope love will conquer all.

Shortland Street 6286 Episode 20th July 2017

Shortland Street 6288-6289 Episode 24th July 2017

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Eve allows Boyd in. Leanne struggles to belong. Kylie puts her faith in the wrong person.
Shortland Street 24th July 2017 #6288-6289

  • Helen Kruse

    Nicole was right about her house. That is she and Vinnie’s home and LeeAnn does live there,and I know they love her, but if she wants to have sleep overs,and move Damo or anyone in,then Nicole is right, she needs her own place. Plus Damo has his own too. She can afford it after all. What did she do with what she got from her husband Howard? Where is the car he bought her too? Adult kids who live at home yell for everyone to stay out of their business and they expect to bring in their friends and have overnighter’s but the reality is if you want to do that, then, you get your own place then and only then can you tell other’s to mind their own business,and bring in overnighter’s and move in whoever they want. As for Chris…..NO!!!!!!!!!! You know, when Finn first hit the scene I didn’t like him at all. He was a smart aleck punk. Since then I have watched him grow into a caring, compassionate man, a real, grown man,and I think Esther would be a fool not to get back with him and stay there. They are so good together.