The Bold and Beautiful 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016


The Bold and Beautiful 11-18-16
The Bold and Beautiful 11-18-16 Recap

The Bold and Beautiful 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016

The Bold and Beautiful 11-18-16 Recap, Brooke and Ridge were at the cemetery talking about Stephanie. There were flashbacks of Stephanie. Brooke was glad that she and Stephanie were able to become close before she died. Ridge wanted Brooke to be with him instead of Bill. Ridge wanted Brooke to do what Stephanie wanted.

Brooke thought about Stephanie telling her that she would be in charge o the family. Ridge thought they screwed things up, but it wasn’t too late for them. He didn’t want to throw their life away.

Eric told Quinn that she was his wife. She said she trusted him, but thought Katie was after him. Quinn thought that Katie was up to something when she wanted to buy the house next door. She thought Rick was behind it too. Eric reassured Quinn that she is his wife and that he loved her. Quinn said the old her would have been plotting against Katie to keep her away. Quinn said she promised that she changed. She was going to let go of her jealousy.

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Katie was making plans to buy the house. Katie sent Eric a text letting him know that she is putting a bid on the house. Quinn saw the text and read it. Quinn left the house and was going to confront Katie. Katie was surprised to see her at the house. Quinn told Katie that she was spending time with Eric. Quinn tried to talk Katie out of buying the house. Quinn was upset that Katie didn’t stay away. Quinn said she wouldn’t let Katie buy the house.

Liam believed that Brooke would be happy with Bill, but RJ thought she would be happy with Ridge. Brooke told Ridge that she is happy with Bill, but Ridge didn’t agree. Ridge thought she would be happy with him. She told him that Stephanie taught her that she didn’t need anyone. He tried to convince her that she should be with him.

Next on B&B Brooke becomes very emotional when Ridge asks her an important question. Amy the realtor makes another appearance.

The Bold and Beautiful 11-18-16 Recap 18th November 2016.

  • Tali salman‬‎

    Some Episode Ridge is trying to win over Brook and he is proposing marrige to her? She has a ring all ready from Bill I don’t see that it’s going to last. Quinn has a nerve to ask Kaite not to buy the house next door she is really crazy to tell her not to do that. Eric is not going to like that one bit. I wonder what is Kaite going to do about that?