The Young And The Restless 5-16-19 Recap | Y&R 16th May 2019 Recap


The Young And The Restless 5-16-19

The Young And The Restless 5-16-19 Recap | Y&R 16th May 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 5-16-19, Sharon checked the tackhouse looking for Adam. He was surprised she was there since the door was locked. He looked at his money and said it was a safety net. He saw a picture on the floor. She said it was Delia. He wanted to know who she was. She said he knew her through Victoria. He wanted to speak to Victoria.

Victor was on the phone with someone. He told the person to watch out for Adam. Victor wanted to know his every move.

Rey yelled at Mia. Arturo told him to stop. Mia told him to go back to Sharon. Mia reminded them that she’s pregnant. She wanted them to be real. Rey was surprised that she wanted to be honest now. Arturo yelled at Rey.

Rey said he would be a father to the baby if it was his. Mia didn’t care. Arturo and Rey ended up arguing over why she cheated. Mia and Arturo said they loved Rey. Mia was glad that Rey was happy. Arturo told him that he and Mia were moving to Miami. She was afraid of going to prison. She said it was too late since she confessed. Rey thought there might have been a way.

Victoria and Billy talked about Adam. They wondered why he came back home. Sharon called Victoria and told her that Adam wanted to know things that she didn’t want to tell. Victoria agreed to meet him.

Rey met up with Paul. Rey said Mia didn’t mean to hurt Lola. Rey said Mia saved Lola’s life since the doctor noticed her liver issue. Rey said Lola and Abby weren’t pressing charges. Paul asked Rey about covering up the crime. Rey knew that Paul felt like he was stabbed in the back. Paul said he risked everything to protect his family and Sharon. Paul said he wouldn’t press charges against him. Rey called Mia and said they were no longer in trouble.

Abby saw Nate at Society. He asked her out. She told him she was done with men. While they were talking, she noticed Adam. Victoria and Billy showed up. They said everyone knew Adam was alive.

Adam wanted to talk to Victoria. Billy didn’t want him to get too close. Abby was mad that she didn’t know that Adam was alive. Adam apologized to her.

Adam showed Billy and Victoria a picture of Delia. He wanted to know who it was. Billy said she was his daughter. Billy said Adam killed her. Victoria said it was an accident.

Billy told Adam about the accident. Billy said Adam tried to hide the evidence. Adam thought Billy wanted to kill him. Adam said he was sorry. Billy said he couldn’t be sorry when he didn’t remember. Adam thought that Victor wanted him to remember by leaving the picture. They said Victor can be manipulating. Adam knew Victor had plans for him. He said sorry for what happened to Delia. He said Victor wasn’t going to use him.

Victoria apologized to Abby for not telling her about Adam. Abby said Victor didn’t love his kids equally. Billy thought that things were bad now because Adam was back. Billy thought it was Victor’s fault. Billy said he thought of Delia when he saw Adam.

Adam went to see Victor. Adam wanted to know why he didn’t tell him about Delia. Adam wanted to know what else he hasn’t told him. Victor said he didn’t want to give him too much information. Victor said Adam was upset about what happened to Delia. Victor wanted him to find out what he could about his past. Adam didn’t know if he wanted to find out.

Adam went to talk to Sharon. He was upset about killing Delia. She said there was more that he didn’t know. She said the Adam she knew wanted to make up for his mistakes. She said he wanted to change. She thought that he could change.

The Young And The Restless 5-16-19 Recap | Y&R 16th May 2019 Recap.


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