The Young And The Restless 5-20-19 Recap | Y&R 20th May 2019 Recap


The Young And The Restless 5-20-19

The Young And The Restless 5-20-19 Recap | Y&R 20th May 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 5-20-19 Recap, Adam fell on the floor after he was shot. Sharon showed up and saw him. She told him not to talk. She ended up calling for help. She wanted him to fight for his life.

Phyllis was planning a June launch for her line. When Summer came in, Phyllis closed the computer. Summer said she didn’t like the tension between them. Summer said she hated that Jack was doing a line too. Summer wanted to know how she could make it up to Phyllis. Phyllis asked her to work for her. They talked about it. Summer told her that she felt used. Phyllis told her she would never make it at Jabot. She said Ashley couldn’t make it work.

Summer thought it wasn’t good that Phyllis wanted to seek revenge. Phyllis reminded her that the Abbotts fired her. Phyllis said they did worse than she did. Phyllis told Summer that she ruined what she planned on doing when she told Jack what she did. Mia and Arturo went to see Rey and Lola. Mia and Arturo wanted to tell them goodbye. Mia wanted to thank them for not sending her to prison. Mia and Arturo didn’t want to leave on bad terms. Rey wasn’t phased. Lola suggested that he be the bigger person. Rey told Arturo that he wanted him to be happy. Mia and Arturo said they wanted him happy too.

Adam went to the hospital. Paul wanted to question Sharon about Adam being alive. Paul was shocked that he was alive. Sharon wanted him to still be alive. Victor showed up. Sharon let him know what happened. Victor didn’t want him to die. Victor wondered who shot Adam. Sharon answered Paul’s questions. She told him what happened when Adam was shot. She was surprised by his reaction to her answers. Victor told Paul to stop questioning Sharon. Victoria and Nick showed up at the hospital. Nick was upset about the mess Adam caused. Nick told Sharon to leave Adam. Nate showed up and said Adam would be okay.

Jack told Kyle that he wondered if his skills were being used enough. Kyle thought Summer had something to do with it. Billy came in and told them that Adam was alive. Jack wanted to see Adam. Billy said Adam had amnesia. Jack and Billy got into an argument over Adam.

Kyle was upset that he was demoted. Kyle thought Jack would demote Summer. Jack said he would get to spend time with Lola. When Summer showed up, Kyle told her that she got what sh wanted. He said they weren’t a team. He apologized for what he put her through. She realized that he never lied to her about the way he felt. He said she would find somebody.

Paul went to the tackhouse. Paul said the best place way to find the shooter was through Adam. Paul found large amount of cash. Paul said it wasn’t a robbery. Adam was who the shooter was looking for. Victoria and Nick talked about Adam. They talked about giving him another chance. Billy showed up and wasn’t surprised that Adam was shot. Nick asked Billy if he shot Adam. Victoria said Billy was with her. Billy asked if Nick had an alibi. Nick said he was with Christian. Victoria wanted to give him another chance. Billy said it would only get worse.

The Young And The Restless 5-20-19 Recap | Y&R 20th May 2019 Recap.


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