The Young And The Restless 7-12-19 Recap | Y&R 12th July 2019 Recap


The Young And The Restless 7-12-19

The Young And The Restless 7-12-19 Recap | Y&R 12th July 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 7-12-19 Recap, Nick told Chelsea to bring Connor to Genoa City. She didn’t want to bring him back because of Adam. Nick said they couldn’t let Adam dictate how they raise their kids. They talked about Adam trying to take their sons from them. She was scared to think how far he would go.

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Adam told Paul that he had information about Calvin’s death. Paul said someone said Adam was responsible. Adam said he shouldn’t listen to Chelsea. Adam said Chelsea benefited from Calvin being dead. He said Chelsea was upset with Calvin. He said he recorded it. Paul couldn’t believe he was accusing her of murder. He said she turned on him.

Billy got a text from Chloe. She wanted him to check on Kevin. Phyllis showed up and asked if he was having trouble at home. He told her jealousy wasn’t a good look.

Phyllis ended up arguing with Christine. Phyllis said she quit because she couldn’t get votes. Phyllis said the bug was squashed. Christine called her a murder suspect who turned on her friends. Christine said she wished she could throw her in jail.

Nikki told Victoria that Victor is losing his memory. She said she could handle it if this was the worst of it. Victoria wanted to know what would happen if it got worse.

Billy went to the Chancellor mansion to check on Kevin. He and Esther talked about Chloe being alive. Esther was worried about what would happen if Kevin didn’t come back soon. Esther said she would text Kevin.

Phyllis ran into Adam. He said Victoria told him not to trust her. Phyllis said Victoria was trying to undermine her. Phyllis said she would take care of her. Phyllis noticed that he was still upset about Chelsea. He said he gave Paul the proof that Chelsea killed Calvin. Phyllis didn’t think he would be that mean. He said Chelsea was keeping his son from him.

Christine looked at the evidence Adam gave Paul. She said the next step was obvious. Chelsea was afraid that Paul was going to arrest her. Nick told her not to run anymore. Paul showed up. He said Calvin died of a massive coronary. Paul said he was sorry for her loss.

The Young And The Restless 7-12-19 Recap | Y&R 12th July 2019 Recap.


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