The Young And The Restless 8-20-19 Recap | Y&R 20th August 2019 Recap


The Young And The Restless 8-20-19

The Young And The Restless 8-20-19 Recap | Y&R 20th August 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 8-20-19 Recap,
Adrian saw Sharon and liked what he saw. Rey saw him practically flirting with her and pulled him aside. Rey wondered why he was still in Genoa City. He wasn’t shocked that his father didn’t have a job. Rey thought he was trying to get money from Lola since she married into a wealthy family. Rey warned him not to hurt the family again. Adrian threw up in his face how his brother was having a baby with his ex-wife. Rey was about to hit him when Celeste arrived.

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Michael and Lauren talked about the election. She wondered what his motives were for running. She thought Adam had something to do with it. Michael thought he wouldn’t have to represent him anymore if he won. Lauren wondered why he took Adam on as a client in the first place. Phyllis and Summer showed up. They said they voted for Michael. Phyllis admired the way Summer handled herself at the wedding. They talked about Theo finding Zoe. Phyllis wondered if Lola knew about her.

Michael had finished his conversation with the mayor. Lauren wanted to know what he was hiding. She was convinced it involved Kevin. Michael saw voters so he went to them instead of answering her. Adam went to him to talk. Phyllis saw them together. Adam told him how he made sure other people didn’t run against him. Phyllis walked up to them so Michael left. She was thankful Adam sold the Grand Phoenix to Abby and thought she would make a great partner. They ended up talking about Victor getting the restraining order against him. She was glad Victor did it. They went back and forth about whether he really wanted what was best for Christian or did he just want to beat Nick.

Zoe and Summer introduced themselves to each other. Zoe told her how she didn’t hold anything against Kyle and Theo. She thought they were great guys. She really thought Theo was a great person. Adam met Sharon in the park and asked her to marry him. Sharon was surprised by the proposal. Michael was with Lauren again and told him about Adam destroying people’s lives. She wondered if he was trying to be DA to bring him down.

The Young And The Restless 8-20-19 Recap | Y&R 20th August 2019 Recap.


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