The Young And The Restless 8-21-19 Recap | Y&R 21st August 2019 Recap


The Young And The Restless 8-21-19

The Young And The Restless 8-21-19 Recap | Y&R 21st August 2019 Recap

The Young And The Restless 8-21-19 Recap,
Victoria found out that Billy forgot to pick up Johnny. She asked if he was thinking about Delia. She wanted to know if he was having nightmares again. Billy said he was on edge because he hasn’t been sleeping. She said she would pick up Johnny.

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Sharon was shocked that Adam proposed to her. She said she wanted nothing to do with him. He said he knew what was in her heart. She asked if Chelsea turned him down again. He said Chelsea didn’t see him the way she did. He said they had a deep connection. He said they needed each other.

Sharon told Adam that her life was falling apart. She said she discovered a new purpose. She said things got worse for her when he came back. She said she wasn’t going to have the life she had before. He said he wished he was there for her. He wanted to move forward together. She said the other night was a mistake. She said she cared about him. He said he could let everything go if he had her back. She said he was being manipulative. She talked about their past. He wanted her to be honest with herself and walked away.

Jack, Ashley, Abby and Summer talked about the merger. Billy showed up and said they should reconsider the merger. He said he had doubts about Ashley. Abby and Summer left. Ashley said their father would want this. Billy thought she would turn against them again. Jack wanted to know what was going on. Ashley and Billy continued to argue. She told him that he made mistakes. Jack wanted to know if he was talking about what happened the other day. Billy said he didn’t trust Jack and left.

Jack went to see Victoria. He told her what happened with Billy. Jack said Billy was struggling. She told him what Billy was going through. She was afraid that he didn’t want to get better. She said the nightmares made him feel closer to Delia.

Phyllis and Billy met each other. Phyllis said that Ashley was cutthroat. She said he was ruthless when it came to getting revenge. He knew she would never forgive him for what happened with Summer. Phyllis wanted to know what he wanted. He wanted to know what was going on with Adam. She said they had a falling out, but everyone has done terrible things. She said she and Adam were judged. Billy said Chelsea was getting money. He was upset that Adam was never held accountable for what he did. He told her to get on the right side or she would be collateral damage.

Jack met Celeste. They talked about her turning down Adrian. She said she deserved better. Jack said he was with Phyllis more than once. He said she slept with his brother. Celeste hoped Rey and Arturo got past their differences. She said she was going back to Miami soon. He didn’t like that.

Victor told Abby that he heard Phyllis tell Adam she was kicking her out of Grand Phoenix. Abby wasn’t concerned. She looked forward to stopping Phyllis. He warned her about Phyllis. Abby said he gave her something to think about.

The Young And The Restless 8-21-19 Recap | Y&R 21st August 2019 Recap.


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