Young And Restless 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017


Young And Restless 1-11-17
Young And Restless 1-11-17 Recap

Young And Restless 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017

Young And Restless 1-11-17 Recap, Paul is hopeful that no news is good news about Dylan. Christine tries to make him feel better. Kevin shows up and tells them that the meeting with Fisk’s guy is happening tonight. Paul wants to know what’s going on. Sharon shows up and wants to talk to Dylan. Kevin tells her that Dylan is only talking through burner phones. Sharon is upset. Christine tells her that Sharon told Nikki that Dylan was on the case. Paul wants to talk to Sharon alone. He tells Sharon that he can’t help her. He lets her know that she could mess up the case by getting in touch with Dylan. Sharon is upset and yells at Paul. She says that it will be his fault if something happens to Dylan. When Sharon leaves, Christine tell Paul that they have to get things in control. Kevin is told to tell anything he hears because Fisk’s guy is ruthless.

Dylan is in disguise. He is going by the name Derek Young. He answers the phone and finds out that there has been a last minute change. He is upset and leaves. He ends up in a bar where he waits to meet with Fisk’s number two person who turns out to be a woman named Alex. She wants to know more about Derek. He tells her his life story. After they flirt with each other, he asks her about Fisk. She wants to party instead of answering him. After they drink, they decide to go upstairs. She shows him cocaine.

At Newman, Victor meets with Abby and tells her that he wants to spend more time with his family. She says that her passion is the company. She wants to prove herself to him. He tells her that he wants to see her follow in his footsteps. She asks him if she can do a meeting alone and he lets her do it in his office. Later on, she let him know that she got a better deal than he was expecting and the contracts were signed. He is happy.

When Sharon went home, Mariah asks her if Dylan is in trouble. Sharon tells her that she doesn’t know anything. She says that he is undercover and not able to talk with anybody. Sharon tells her that Dylan chose to do this job. He needed some distance from the Sully situation and from her. Sharon tells her that he left his wedding ring behind when he left. Mariah tells her to sit tight, but Sharon can’t overlook the warning signs in her mind.
Young And Restless 1-11-17 Recap 11th January 2017.