Young And Restless 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-14-16 Recap
Young And Restless 11-14-16 Recap

Young And Restless 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016

Young And Restless 11-14-16 Recap, Victoria and Billy talked about what happened with Travis. Billy thought she should give Travis another chance because he wasn’t a bad guy. He reminded her that Travis had to deal with her family and that wouldn’t be easy for him. Victoria was surprised that Billy felt that way about Travis. Billy advised Victoria to take Travis back. Victoria realized that Billy was right. Travis went to Michelle’s room and talked to her about his problems with Victoria.

Michelle let her towel drop on the floor. She approached Travis and he kissed her. One thing led to another and they ended up having sex. Travis felt guilty about what he did. He apologized to Michelle because he felt like he took advantage of her. He also told her that he loved Victoria. Michelle understood. She promised not to say anything about what they did. Victoria ended up calling him. She apologized to him and asked him to come home.

Jack kissed Phyllis, but he came to his senses. He stopped kissing her. He believed that she knew what she was doing. Phyllis reminded him that he kissed her. Jack realized he made a mistake and wouldn’t make it again. Phyllis wanted Jack to admit to himself that he was still attracted to her. Jack wouldn’t do it. He yelled at her about playing games with him. Jack realized that he shouldn’t have trusted her. Phyllis turned down the promotion and threatened to take half the company if he fired her. He promised her that he wouldn’t be turned on by her again, but he thought about the kiss they shared.

Devon let Hilary know that the ratings for GC Buzz were high. She told Devon that Mariah quit. Sharon packed up Sully’s things to take to Nick. Mariah didn’t think she should have did that yet. Noah showed up to talk to Sharon. Mariah left the house and Noah talked to Sharon. Sharon told Noah her side of the story. He defended her to Victor and Summer and he found out about that.

He couldn’t believe that she kept the truth from Nick once she knew the truth. Noah was upset, but he still loved her. Sharon let Noah know that she was taking Sully’s things to Nick. Noah didn’t think that was a good idea, but she didn’t want to hide. Mariah arrived at GC Buzz and Devon made an offer for her to stay. He wanted Mariah to let him know when stories are out of hand. Hilary saw them together when Mariah decided to stay.

Sharon went to Nick’s place with Christian’s things. She made the mistake of bringing up the party she and Dylan were going to have for Sully and Nick got upset. Sharon apologized to Nick, but he felt she only felt bad because she was exposed. Sharon left the house. Chelsea showed up to see Nick. He told her what happened. Chelsea thought he should let Sharon have the party.

Sharon arrived at GC Buzz and wanted Hilary to let her tell her side of her story. Mariah overheard their conversation and begged her not to do that. Sharon wanted to do it. Sharon joined Hilary on the set. Mariah left a message for Dylan. Travis went home and Victoria apologized to him. She wanted him to forgive her.

By Michele and Cheryl.

Young And Restless 11-14-16 Recap 14th November 2016.