Young And Restless 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-17-16 Recap
Young And Restless 11-17-16 Recap

Young And Restless 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016

Young And Restless 11-17-16 Recap, Phyllis sees Traci at Jabot. Traci tells her that she is there for the holiday. Phyllis believes that she is going to attack her, but she doesn’t. The two talk about Phyllis working at Jabot and how Jack keeps pretending that he doesn’t care. While Jack is at the club, he thinks about kissing Phyllis.

In Michelle’s suite, Ashley tells her that she has to leave Travis alone. Michelle refuses to walk away from him because there are sparks between them. Ashley tells her to leave town, but Michelle refuses to go until she sees Travis. Michelle said he has a choice to make. Ashley says he made his choice.

Jack meets up with Traci at Jabot. Phyllis leaves them alone so they can talk. Jack and Traci talk about Phyllis’ affair and the aftermath of it. Traci doesn’t believe that Jack is over Phyllis. Jack tells her that he tried to get Phyllis to move to New York, but she threatened to sue. Traci wants to get Jack and Billy to get along with each other. When Traci leaves, Phyllis comes back. Jack tells Phyllis that he is spending the holiday with his family and then leaves.

Billy confronts Travis about his affair. Travis informs him that it is none of his business. Travis denied having an affair with Michelle. Billy tells Travis that he would be stupid to ruin things with Victoria.

Victor is upset that Sharon shows up at the party. Nick tells Victor that Sharon and Dylan came to the party with him. Victor feels sorry for Dylan, but not for Sharon. Nikki interferes and is nasty to Sharon. Faith wants Dylan and Sharon to see Christian. Nick agrees to let them see the baby.

At the party, Jill checks on Billy. He tells her that he is having second thoughts about Travis, but not for the reasons she thinks he’s having them. During the party, Chelsea suggests that everyone try to get along. Victoria doesn’t think that Sharon should be at the party. Sharon decides to leave the party.

Travis gets a message from Michelle to meet him at the club. He lies to Victoria about why he has to leave. Jill puts suspicions in Victoria’s head about Travis. Nick allows Dylan to hold the baby before he leaves. Billy tells Victoria that he wants her to be happy.

When Travis goes to the club, he sees Ashley. She let him know that she sent the message. She tells him that Michelle talked. He says he made a mistake and loves Victoria. Ashley wants him to tell the truth or she will. Later on, Billy meets with Ashley. They talk about Travis cheating on Victoria.

When Sharon and Dylan are home, she asks him if he will ever forgive her. They start arguing over the baby being gone. He says that Dr. Anderson may have started this, but Sharon finished it. He blames her for this. He tells her he’s sorry when Faith appears. Faith says she wants to live with Nick and Christian.

When Travis goes to Victoria’s house, he tells her that there is something that he has to tell her.

Young And Restless 11-17-16 Recap 17th November 2016.