Young And Restless 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016


Young And Restless 11-21-16
Young And Restless 11-21-16

Young And Restless 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016

Young And Restless 11-21-16 Recap, Mariah tries to defend Dylan to Sharon. She lets Sharon know that other men would have left her after what she did to him. Mariah thinks that Sharon should find Dylan and make things right with him. Mariah also advises that she let Faith stay with Nick for now until she cools off. Mariah believes that going to work will take her mind off of things. Sharon thinks she will only feel worse, but she agrees to go.

Billy watches while Travis proposes to Victoria. Victoria’s surprised by Travis’ proposal. Travis expresses how he feels about her. He wants a more permanent relationship. Victoria doesn’t say yes to the proposal, but she’s not saying no either. Travis agrees to wait for her. She walks away and Billy does too.

Kevin and Chloe talk about what happened at the birthday party. Chloe tells Kevin that she feels sorry for Sharon despite what she did. Kevin believes she has sympathy for her because she did the same thing. Chloe is offended by what Kevin said to her. Kevin reminds her that she didn’t tell Bella’s father about her. Chloe gets defensive and let’s him know that she is the only parent who matters. Kevin decides to change the subject and talk about Thanksgiving day plans. Chloe isn’t interested in doing anything with him. Kevin gets upset and walks away from her.

Billy meets with Ashley and tells her about Travis’ proposal. Ashley’s, curious about how Billy feels about it. He doesn’t want to hurt Victoria. Ashley reminds Billy that people have shot the messenger. Billy decides he won’t tell Victoria about Travis.
Sharon arrives at work and sees Chloe. Chelsea arrives at work as well and let’s Sharon know that she still has a job. Sharon realises that Chelsea was at Nick’s house when Faith was dropped off. Sharon believes that Chelsea is after Nick. Chelsea didn’t admit to anything. One thing leads to another and they star arguing. Sharon knows that Chelsea wants Nick even if she refuses to admit it to herself.

Hilary and Devon are at the station and they argue over what Sharon did with the money she received for her interview. They have differences of opinions about the direction of the show. She thinks she’s doing a great job, but he read comments that day differently. Devon wants to do more positive stories. Hilary believes that Mariah will give her more info about Sharon. Mariah arrived at the station and Hilary jumps at the chance to find out if someone else knows about Sharon. Mariah doesn’t take the bait. Kevin arrives at the station and lets Mariah know that he and Chloe got into a fight. Hilary sees an opportunity and asks Mariah to leave. She tries to find out what Kevin knows about Sharon. Kevin doesn’t give Hilary the exclusive she wanted. Devon interrupts and gives Hilary a note. Hilary doesn’t want to do the story, but Devon reminds her who’s the boss. He let Hilary know that she’s doing the story that he wants.

Billy meets with Victoria and she tells him about Travis’ proposal. Billy isn’t surprised that he wants to marry her. Victoria wants to know what he thinks about it, but he doesn’t tell her the truth. He only tells her to go with her gut.

Young And Restless 11-21-16 Recap 21st November 2016.