Young And Restless 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016


Young And Restless 11-22-16
Young And Restless 11-22-16

Young And Restless 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016

Young And Restless 11-22-16 recap, Billy shows up Jill’s house. She tells him that they will be feeding homeless people at Crimson Lights. Billy suspects something is going on. He notices the aprons promoting the company. He isn’t interested in doing that. She said they had to. She wants him to invite Victoria, but he says she’s with Travis. She says that Victoria didn’t accept Travis’ proposal yet because she is waiting for him. Billy takes the aprons and leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Summer is concerned about Phyllis being alone for the holiday. Abby shows up and accuses Phyllis of trying to ambush Jack. Phyllis says that she’s not. Abby ends up apologizing to her. Abby lets her know what’s going on with her mother and Traci. Phyllis suggests that Summer be with Abby and Jack. Phyllis is going to feed the homeless.

Mariah watches Hilary and Devon argue over doing a story on the homeless getting fed. He thought she would make the story work. Phyllis and Hilary end up in an argument. When Billy and Jill show up Crimson Lights and see Phyllis. Jill tries to get Billy to leave. Phyllis and Hilary argue over Jack. Devon interrupts their argument.

Hilary notices Billy and Phyllis looking at each other. Hilary tells Mariah that things were about to get interesting. Hilary tells Jill that Billy is there with his mistress. Hilary gets her cameraman to film Billy and Phyllis together. Devon wants her to stop filming them. He wanted to use Mariah’s footage.

Phyllis tells Billy that Ashley and Traci canceled on Jack. She tells Billy to be with Jack. He questions her about how she and Jack are doing. She is remaining hopeful. Jill interrupts their conversation to send him to get forks. When he walks off, she tells Phyllis to leave her son alone.

At the cabin, Abby and Summer join Jack. They spend time together. When Abby and Summer leave, he imagines Phyllis and Billy being together at the cabin. Later on, Billy shows up at the cabin to see Jack.

Neil and Moses show up at Cane and Lily’s for Thanksgiving. Cane is still in pain, but he celebrates with them. At GC Buzz, Hilary is shocked by Mariah’s footage. Hilary thought that Mariah saved them. Devon calls Lily and tells her to watch the holiday footage. When Lily turns on the television, she sees the story at Crimson Lights about a homeless person named JJ who lost is all and became an addict. She is clean now. They saw an ad about the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Neil wanted to go to Crimson Lights. Cane wants Lily and the twins to go with him. When they leave, Cane grabs for his painkillers.

Devon tells Hilary that he is proud of her. Hilary goes to catch the cameraman. She hands him an envelope to deliver. She tells him that no one can know about it. She goes back to join Mariah and Devon. The cameraman shows up at Crimson Lights and gives JJ the envelope. It is full of money and a note telling her to find her children.

Phyllis and Jill continue to argue. Jill lets her know that Billy and Jack deserve better than her.

Young And Restless 11-22-16 Recap 22nd November 2016.