Young And Restless 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016


Young And Restless 11-23-16
Young And Restless 11-23-16 Recap

Young And Restless 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016

Young And Restless 11-23-16 Recap, Sharon and Dylan were on the verge of making things right between them when Nikki arrived. Nikki invited Dylan to go to the house for Thanksgiving dinner. Sharon started asking Nikki questions about the dinner. Nikki wanted Sharon to stay away from her family. Sharon didn’t think it was a good idea for him to go to the dinner because Victor wouldn’t want him near Sully/Christian. He decided to go with Sharon and walked Nikki to the door. Jill saw Phyllis at the park and went in on her about Billy and Jack. Phyllis tried to explain to Jill that she was done with Billy and wanted to be with Jack again. Jill had trouble believing what Phyllis had to say. One thing led to another and the women start arguing over the situation. Phyllis told Jill that Billy could be making up with Jack after all.

Speaking of Jack, he’s at the cabin when Billy arrived. Jack wasn’t exactly thrilled to let Billy in to have dinner with him, but he eventually changed his mind. Jack let him come inside. They talked about Victoria and Travis’ situation. Jack thought it was funny that Billy intends to go after another married woman. Billy let that comment go. Jack found out that Phyllis was the one who arranged for Billy to meet with Jack. Jack became enraged when he found out that the arrangement was Phyllis’ idea. Billy let Jack know that Phyllis loved him. Jack questioned whether she told him that while they were on the couch together. Billy thought that Jack should give Phyllis another chance. Billy continued to urge Jack to go see Phyllis even when he made him leave. Before Billy left, he advised Jack to find Phyllis.

Michael, Lauren, Kevin, Chloe, and Bella were at the penthouse for dinner. Paul and Christine also arrived at the penthouse for dinner. Paul wondered if Sharon and Dylan would show up after everything that happened. Chelsea’s also at the penthouse and informed Chloe that she and Connor would be going to Victor’s place too. She told Chloe that she’s going so Connor could be with his family, but Chloe thought she was going to see Nick too. Nick and Christian showed up at the penthouse too. Mariah arrived at the penthouse too and was surprised to see Nick and Christian there. Nick, Chelsea, and Christian were about to leave when Sharon and Dylan arrived. Sharon made the mistake of calling Christian “Sully” and things were a little awkward. Nick, Chelsea and Christian left the penthouse. During the dinner, Michael and Lauren noticed that Kevin and Chloe were bonding with Bella like a real family. Mariah noticed it too and let her know that she’s happy for them.

Sharon talked to Christine about the situation with Christian. Christine assured her that loving a child isn’t wrong. Dylan saw one of Christian’s toys on the floor and noticed Sharon talking about the situation. Dylan overheard Sharon talking about suing for visitation. Dylan interrupted their conversation. Sharon believed that they should try to sue for visitation. Everyone noticed how loud Sharon was talking and stared at them. Dylan didn’t agree with her and left. Paul was upset that Sharon caused Dylan to leave. Mariah advised Sharon to let Dylan have some time alone. Sharon decided to leave, but she asked Chloe to talk to Chelsea about letting her spend time with Christian. Chloe finally agreed to try and talk to Chelsea.

The Newmans gathered at the ranch for Thanksgiving dinner. Faith was afraid that her mother felt like she didn’t love her anymore because she wanted to live with Nick. Victor assured her that Sharon knows that she loves her. Victoria and Travis arrived at the ranch. Abby talked to Victoria about Travis. Abby advised Victoria to take a chance and accept Travis’ proposal. Nikki noticed that Victor was happy to see Nick and Chelsea together. The family sat down for dinner and gave thanks for what they have. During the dinner, Victoria told everyone that she accepted Travis’ proposal. Billy arrived and heard about Victoria accepting Travis’ proposal. He decided not to say anything and congratulated them. Dylan showed up at the ranch too. He pulled Nick aside and told him about Sharon’s plan to sue for visitation.

Young And Restless 11-23-16 Recap 23rd November 2016.