Young And Restless 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-28-16
Young And Restless 11-28-16 Recap

Young And Restless 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016

Young And Restless 11-28-16 Recap, Nick dropped Christian off at Chelsea’s place so he could meet with Leslie. Before he left, he talked to her about Dylan’s decision to use for visitation of Christian. Chelsea didn’t think that Dylan would get visitation rights. Nick walked out of Chelsea’s place. Chloe talked to Chelsea about Sharon before Chelsea remembered that she had to meet Victoria. Chloe offered to watch Christian. Dylan told Sharon that he wants to sue for visitation rights.

Sharon was surprised by that because he was against it when she wanted to do it. Dylan changed his mind because he missed Christian. Michael showed up to talk to him about the case. Sharon left the house. Michael advised Dylan that his chances of winning are better if he uses for visitation without Sharon. Michael reminded Dylan that Sharon’s actions would hurt the case. Dylan didn’t want to pursue the case without Sharon. Michael didn’t think that the case would be easy, but he would help him.

Victor wasn’t too happy with Travis because he didn’t ask for permission to marry Victoria. Travis didn’t mean to disrespect Victor by not asking him. Victor wanted to warn Travis that he’s going to be held to a higher standard than others by marrying into the family. Travis didn’t want Victor constantly being involved in his marriage and resigned. Victor believed that Travis would be living off Victoria’s money. Victor wondered if they were going to have a prenuptial agreement . Travis didn’t want one. Nick helped cut the tension when Travis asked him to get his best man. Nick agreed to do it. Travis left and Leslie arrived. Victor didn’t think that Dylan should have rights. Nick was worried more about his son. Leslie thought Dylan should get visitation and not Sharon. Nick refused to share Christian with him. Leslie informed them that the case will be ugly.

Jill was happy to see Billy and Victoria working together. Her happiness was short lived when she saw Victoria’s engagement ring. Jill wanted to know when she was getting married. Victoria didn’t answer her. Victoria left to meet Chelsea. Jill expected Billy to fight for Victoria. He didn’t want to come between Victoria and Travis. Jill suspected that Billy knew something about Travis. Travis showed up and Jill questioned him about Victoria not accepting his proposal right away. Travis ducked the question and announced that he quit working for Newman. Travis wanted Cane’s job and Jill wanted him to call for an interview. Billy let Travis knows that Victoria values honestly more than anything.

Victoria tried on dresses at Chelsea’s place. She panicked when she thought she lost her engagement ring. She told Chelsea about her fight with Jill. Victoria told her about Travis withholding info about Michelle’s visit. She is worried about when the next show is going to drop. Jill and Travis talked about his plans to work for Brass and Sassy when Victoria arrived. Billy was the one who told Victoria that Travis quit Newman. Vicky was mad at Travis for keeping that from her. Victoria wondered what else Billy knew about Travis. Instead of answering, Billy walked off.

Sharon went to Chloe’s place and saw Christian. She appreciated that Chloe let her see Christian. Chloe understood how Sharon felt. Chelsea arrived while Sharon was there. Sharon hid so Chelsea wouldn’t see her. She left while Chelsea had her back to her. Sharon’s plan didn’t work because Chelsea heard her leave. Chloe told Chelsea about Sharon and they had an argument about what Chloe did. They stopped arguing when Nick showed up to get his son. Chelsea didn’t tell him about Sharon seeing Christian.
Victor and Michael talked about the case. Victor warned Michael that he won’t let Dylan and Sharon win against Nick. Sharon went home, but didn’t mention seeing Christian. Dylan didn’t tell her what Michael said to him either. He assured her that they would win the case.

Young And Restless 11-28-16 Recap 28th November 2016.