Young And Restless 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-29-16
Young And Restless 11-29-16 Recap

Young And Restless 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016

Young And Restless 11-29-16 Recap, Dylan and Sharon prepared to go to court. Dylan found out about Sharon’s visit with Christian and became upset with her. He realized why Michael thought his chances of winning would be better without Sharon. Dylan decided not to go through with the suit without Sharon and she was happy that he didn’t want to do it. Dylan was hopeful that they would win the case.

Chelsea and Chloe argued because Chloe let Sharon see the baby and that she had to keep the truth from Nick. Chloe didn’t think Nick needed to know what happened. Victor let Nick know that he would win the case. Nick was suspicious of Victor’s actions. Hilary was excited about the case. Devon tried to inform her that it’s a personal matter, but she wanted to get the story anyway. Devon walked away and Hilary turned on her mic so she could get an exclusive. Hilary saw Nikki and wondered which son she wanted to win the case. Nikki ducked the question and put the blame on Sharon.

Nikki went over to Victor to talk about the case and they got into an argument about whether Dylan should be allowed visitation. Nikki saw Nick and asked him to consider letting Dylan have visitation of Christian. Nick thought about how Dylan felt when he gave him back his son. The only thing that he promised his mother is that he would consider it. Travis prepared for his interview with Jill. Victoria and Billy got into an argument over Travis. She thought that Billy didn’t want her relationship with Travis to work out. Travis arrived for his interview and Jill dropped the bomb on him. She let him know that she wouldn’t be hiring him. She just wanted to let him know that Billy and Victoria should be together. Travis stood up to her and let her know that Billy lost his chance to be with Victoria. Jill didn’t care for his response and tried to make him feel insecure about Victoria’s relationship with Billy. Billy advised Victoria not to rush into marrying Travis. Victoria didn’t want to hear what he had to say and went to the courthouse. Travis talked to Billy about Jill butting in his love life. Billy warned Travis that he wouldn’t be covering for him anymore. After Travis walked out, Jill approached Billy. Jill believed that Billy knew something about Travis and thought he should do something about it.

Everyone was at the courthouse for the case. Mariah believed that Hilary would throw her under the bus for ratings. Devon assured her that he wouldn’t let that happen. Devon tried to talk to Hilary about it, but she let him know that she knew what to do. She spotted Sharon and Dylan and wanted to get a quote from him. They didn’t talk to her. Nikki spotted Dylan and wanted to talk to him. Nikki told Dylan that she tried to convince Nick to give him visitation and not Sharon. Dylan saw Nick in the courtroom and apologized to him for everything.

He let Nick know that Sharon didn’t mean to deceive him and hoped that he would forgive her. Chelsea arrived and wanted to talk to Nick about something important. After their conversation, Nick changed his mind about showing Dylan mercy. He confronted Dylan and Sharon about her seeing Christian without telling him. Leslie asked the judge for a restraining order against both of them. Victoria and Travis were in the courtroom together when Billy arrived. Billy approached her and told her that she wanted her to be happy with Travis, but he had to tell her the truth. Billy told her that Travis cheated on her.

Young And Restless 11-29-16 Recap 29th November 2016.