Young And Restless 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-7-16
Young And Restless 11-7-16

Young And Restless 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016

The Young And Restless 11-7-16 Recap, Sharon and Chelsea look for Nick. Sharon hopes she can get Nick to go easy on her family. Sharon wants Chelsea to convince Nick to let Sully stay with her and Dylan. Chelsea is upset and talks to her about what they did to Dylan. Sharon wants to put Sully before anything else.

Nick was determined to get his son back. Abby goes to see Victor at work and talk about Jack setting him up. Victor has a plan of his own and calls Curtis in his office. When Abby leaves, Victor grills Curtis about selling him out to Jack. Victor threatens to ruin Curtis if he doesn’t make sure that the Abbots don’t get away with their plan.

Ashley walks in Jack’s office and catches Phyllis in her bra. Phyllis leaves the office. Ashley is upset that Jack is falling for Phyllis’ act. Ashley had a plan to keep Brash and Sassy from ruining them. Phyllis comes back to Jack’s office while Ashley is ripping into him for not being focused on the company. Jack and Phyllis loved Ashley’s plan. Ashley wasn’t impressed with Phyllis and wanted her gone. When Jack sends Ashley away, Phyllis takes it as a good sign. Jack informed Phyllis that he was still upset with her and didn’t want her back.

While Dylan holds Sully, Nick shows up to pick him up. Sharon shows up and tries to talk Nick in to letting Sully stay with her. Nick tells her this mess isn’t his fault. Dylan comes up with an idea. He wants to share custody of the baby. Sharon loves the idea. Nick is furious that they want him to be an uncle to his child. Nick wants his son to know who he really is.

Chelsea shows up at Victor’s office to talk about Sully/Christian. Victor let her know that Nick was at Sharon’s house. Chelsea is upset that they kept the truth from Nick. She thought they were no different from Sharon. Victor reminds her that it was Adam’s idea for Nick to raise Christian and Connor. Adam thought Nick would be upset if he knew that Christian wasn’t his son. Later on, Victor informs Abby that the mole was caught and won’t expose anything.

On GC Buzz, Curtis confesses to Hilary that he leaked fake company documents. Chelsea goes to Sharon’s house just as Nick threatens Sharon and Dylan if they try to keep him from his son. Dylan wonders what would happen if they refuse. Nick threatens to call the police on them and have them charged with kidnapping. Dylan gives in and hands the baby to Nick. When Nick and Chelsea leave with the baby, Sharon and Dylan break down and cry.

By Cheryl and Michele

Young And Restless 11-7-16 Recap 7th November 2016.