Young And Restless 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016


Young And Restless 12-1-16
Young And Restless 12-1-16 Recap

Young And Restless 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016

Young And Restless 12-1-16 Recap, Phyllis made fun of Sharon’s situation to Michael. Michael let Phyllis know that Dylan is a good guy. Phyllis thought it was possible for her to get Jack back if Sharon could make it work with Dylan. Michael advised Phyllis not to get her hopes up about getting back together with Jack. Billy thought that Victoria should have stayed home from work because of what happened with Travis. Victoria was able to handle it. She reminded Billy that she has been cheated on before Travis did it. Billy took that moment to apologize for what happened with Kelly. She’s used to being treated badly after what happened with Travis.

Mariah and Sharon talked about the restraining order Nick had against her when he showed up. Sharon reminded Nick that they share history with each other. She thought they could work things out. Nick didn’t think all of their memories were good ones. Mariah let Nick know that Chloe was the one who suggested that Sharon see Christian. Nikki saw them together and yelled at Sharon to stay away from her Christian. Mariah talked Sharon into leaving so she wouldn’t get into an argument with Nikki. Nikki wanted Nick to call Leslie to make sure that Dylan was able to see Christian, but Sharon wouldn’t be allowed to see him. Nick didn’t want to do that for her. Nikki couldn’t understand how Nick could have any sympathy for Sharon. Nick realized that she only had sympathy for Dylan, but he doesn’t trust him anymore than she can trust Sharon.

Phyllis saw Jack at Jabot and wanted him to return to the foundation. Jack ignored her and gave her a list of instructions to keep her busy. He gave it some thought and might go back to foundation after all. He wanted to let go of things that were holding him back. He knocked the wind out of her sail when he let her know that nothing had changed between them. Sharon wasn’t sure how far Nick would go to keep her from Christian. Mariah assured her that things would get better. Sharon realized that she hurt her chances by sneaking and seeing Christian. She decided not to do anything that would jeopardize her chance or Dylan’s chance to get visitation. Nikki showed up at the house and Mariah told her to leave. Nikki ignored her and went to Sharon. Nikki wanted Sharon to prove that she loved Dylan by letting him go. Sharon was shocked by what Nikki told her. Nikki wondered if Sharon loved Dylan enough to let him part Christian’s life. Sharon and Nikki continued to argue over Dylan.

Victoria ran into Nick while she was in the park. Victoria told Nick that she and Travis broke up. They talked about how bad things have been for both of them. They realized that Christian is proof that the future can always be a surprise. Victoria wondered what would happen if Sharon and Dylan got visitation. Nick assured Victoria that wouldn’t happen. Mariah saw Michael at the club and told him about the arguments Sharon had with Nick and Nikki. Mariah believed that Nikki would be the problem during the custody battle.

Young And Restless 12-1-16 Recap 1st December 2016.