Young And Restless 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016


Young And Restless 12-2-16
Young And Restless 12-2-16 Recap

Young And Restless 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016

Young And Restless 12-2-16 Recap, Faith talked to Nick about how she found out about the restraining order against her mother and Dylan. Nick explained that Sharon messed up by visiting Christian behind his back. Nick decided to talk to her about Christmas. They wanted to decorate Christmas cookies. She wanted Chelsea to be there too. Dylan, Paul, and Kevin talked about the custody battle. Dylan believed that he and Sharon could win the case despite the setback they had. Paul warned him that the judge may not side with them. Dylan wouldn’t let Sharon down again.

Sharon met with Michael to talk to him about divorcing Dylan. Michael knew that Sharon didn’t talk to Dylan about their divorce. Sharon wanted to get the divorce right away. Michael figured that Sharon thought Dylan could get custody of Christian on his own. Sharon felt bad enough for what she did to him. She wanted him to get started on the proceedings. Michael said he would do it, but he believed she would regret her decision.

Chelsea and Chloe were at the studio and talked about Chloe moving. They were on opposite sides of Nick and Sharon’s situation so they didn’t see how they could live together. They ended up arguing over Nick and the situation Chloe put her in with him. Nick called Chelsea to invite her over to his place. After Chelsea left, Kevin showed up. They ended up arguing because she helped Sharon. Chloe realized that he only supported Mariah unconditionally. They eventually made up and Kevin asked her to move in with him.

Dylan met Mariah at the club. She told him about what happened with Nick and Nikki. Mariah thought Dylan could go on GC Buzz to tell his side of the story. Mariah told Dylan that his story could help Sharon look better. Chelsea arrived at Nick’s place. Nick apologized to Chelsea for the way he treated her. Leah agreed to babysit so Nick and Chelsea could go out. Faith and Leah were playing cards when Christian started crying. Faith cried out to Christian.

Hilary and Dylan met for the interview. Mariah warned Hilary not to make Dylan look bad. She said that she wouldn’t make him look bad. Dylan poured his heart out about Sharon and how she’s dealing with everything. When the interview was finished, she heard Mariah talking on the phone about her giving a clean interview about Sharon. Hilary sent Mariah away to get something to eat. Later on, Mariah got back and saw the interview on an editor’s laptop. The interview was not what she thought it would be. It was edited in a way that Dylan bashed Sharon. Needless to say, Mariah was enraged.

Paul talked to Michael about the case. Paul knew that Michael knew something that he wasn’t telling him. Michael told Paul that Sharon wanted a divorce. Paul refused to let Sharon get away with that. Dylan went home and told Sharon about the interview he did with Hilary. Sharon told him that she wanted to get a divorce. She told him why she was leaving when Faith called from the hospital. Faith told her that something was wrong with Christian. Sharon and Dylan rushed out the door. Chelsea and Nick were talking when Leah called him about Christian being at the hospital.

Young And Restless 12-2-16 Recap 2nd December 2016.