Young And Restless 12-5-16 Recap 5th December 2016


Young And Restless 12-5-16
Young And Restless 12-5-16 Recap

Young And Restless 12-5-16 Recap 5th December 2016

Young And Restless 12-5-16 Recap, Mariah confronts Hilary about Dylan’s interview. Hilary says she made it more watchable. Mariah was upset that she changed everything. Hilary told her that the plan worked. They get into an argument over it. Mariah tells her that there are children involved. She wants Hilary to fix the interview before it airs. Hilary didn’t listen and airs it the way it is. Devon shows up just as Mariah shoves her. Devon sticks up for Hilary until he finds out what she did with Dylan’s interview. Devon wants Mariah to leave them alone.

Hilary informs Devon that she was a professional. Devon told her that she should have a heart and a conscience. He told her that she is ruining lives on purpose. They argue about integrity and ratings. He told her that they bought the place to get rid of the ugliness. Hilary interrupts him to tell the show was starting. She wants to let the viewers decide.

At the hospital, Nick and Chelsea talk to Sharon and Dylan. Christian was sick. Dylan wonders if he had strawberries. Nick is upset that he didn’t know his son has allergies. Sharon says that Nick should have asked if the baby has allergies. Leah shows up and didn’t know that he has allergies. Sharon says that she never kept strawberries in the house. Stitch shows up and tells them what is wrong with the baby.

Sharon and Dylan look at Nick holding the baby. Sharon tells Chelsea that she wants to see the baby. Chelsea told her that she and Dylan were violating the restraining order as it is. Sharon wants to know if he’s okay. Faith shows up and feels bad. Sharon reassures her about the baby. Faith and Chelsea are with Nick and the baby. Faith wants Nick to let Sharon see the baby. Outside of the room, Stitch doesn’t let Sharon and Dylan see the baby. Nick decides to let Dylan and Sharon see the baby. Chelsea, Nick, and Faith watch them with the baby. Faith asks Nick if she can go home with Sharon and Dylan. Nick agrees to let her go.

Chloe is upset with Kevin for going through her things. He believes there is something that she is hiding something. She believes that it has to do with Bella’s father. Kevin thinks that Chloe doesn’t want to move in with him. He wants her to be honest with him about it. Chloe told him that she is more guarded since she was in the facility. Kevin is still suspicious. Later on, Chloe finds a shoebox in the closet and is relieved. She brought it downstairs and overhears him talking to Bella. Chloe hides the shoebox in a bigger box.

When Sharon, Dylan, and Faith are home, Faith sees Dylan on television. He wants Faith to hear what he said. Hilary hints that he is going to talk about Sharon’s mental illness. Sharon sends Faith upstairs.

Mariah reads the comments about Sharon and Dylan as the show is on. Hilary shows Devon some comments. He thought the viewers didn’t realize they were being swindled. He demands that the next show be scandal free. Hilary refuses to change her show. Devon tells her that it isn’t her show anymore and fires her.

Dylan tells Sharon that the interview was edited. Sharon believes him, but says that what she did was horrible. It was another reason why they need to get a divorce. Dylan says that they are in this together.

Kevin and Mariah see each other in the park. Mariah tells him about what is going on. Mariah wants to sleep in her old room. Chloe shows up and Kevin tells Mariah that Chloe and Bella are moving in with him.

Nick and Chelsea watch Dylan’s interview. Nick wonders what is going on. He refuses to give his son to anyone.

Young And Restless 12-5-16 Recap 5th December 2016.