Young And Restless 3-20-17 Recap 20th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-20-17

Young And Restless 3-20-17 Recap 20th March 2017

Ashley tells Jack that he doesn’t care about the company or family. He tells her that his name is on the door. She tells him that she won’t let him use the company to work out his personal grievances. He wants to know if she is going to have him removed. He asks her about family unity. She wants him to prove her wrong. He says that it is a good deal. Billy going down for the deal is a bonus. She tells him she is taking over, but he says that he met with Tracy and the other directors to secure his position.

Victoria tells Billy to remove his feelings from the equation. They are going to outbid Jack. Billy is impressed. She finds out that the hockey league is concerned about doing business with them after what Jack told them about Billy’s scandals. Billy apologizes to her, but she won’t give up. They work on another idea to get the hockey league on board.

Colin tells Jill that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. He knows that they are at a point of no return. He says that Neil told him to let her go. They talk about Philip’s ring. She says it reminds her of love. Colin is surprised when she says that Katherine’s letter had perfect timing and made her come up with her bucket list. He is shocked that she has forgive Colin on her list. He says he doesn’t want to give her another heart attack. She says that she knows who he is and accepts it. She also says his betrayal was devastating. She thinks forgiving him is best for her. He is glad that she is in a good place now that he is going back to Australia. She wants him to travel with her. She has taken him off her accounts to remove temptation. He agrees to go and they kiss.

Devon talks to Hilary about the settlement. She tells him that she only wants the show. He tells her about the gossipy show she likes to do and walks away. Hilary tries to get Mariah to talk him into giving her the show, but she doesn’t want to help her. Hilary offers to give her her own segments. Hilary says Devon is worried that she will ruin the show.

Mariah talks to Devon about giving Hilary the show. Mariah tells him that Hilary is going to keep her on the show. She says she and Hilary have a good thing going. She wonders if he can be around Hilary. Victoria shows up to look for footage of her segment, she notices the sexual harassment charges against Jabot on Mariah’s computer. Mariah can’t show the file to her. When Mariah leaves, Victoria steals the file.

Hilary goes to see Jack to get his advice. He is sorry about her divorce. She tells him how she has been. She tells him why she turned down Devon’s money and asked for the show. She is afraid of failure and asks him to be her advisor. He tells her to fight dirty to get what she wants.

Billy meets Phyllis and tells her that Jack is trying to ruin a business deal by using their affair to get his way. Billy says Jack wants payback. She feels bad. He says he will be paying for the rest of his life and he didn’t get the girl. He says he won’t take it from Jack. They talk about Jack hiring Gloria. Billy says that Jack uses people to get what he wants. She tells him not to do something he will regret.
Young And Restless 3-20-17 Recap 20th March 2017.