Young And Restless 3-21-17 Recap 21st March 2017


Young And Restless 3-21-17
Young And Restless 3-21-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-21-17 Recap 21st March 2017

Young And Restless 3-21-17 Recap, Gloria wants to know why Hilary thanked Jack for his advice. He lets her know that she should be thankful that Hilary stopped her interview. Gloria tells him that she has been an asset to him in and out of the office. Gloria asks him about Ashley defending Billy. Jack tells her that he is getting revenge on him. Gloria is willing to help. Jack says that he is going to mess up Billy’s deal and hopes Victoria drops him.

Jordan and Billy talk about Lily’s stalker and how they should step up security. Jordan says that Lily couldn’t get in touch with Cane while he was in Tokyo. Billy is surprised Cane didn’t rush to brag about the deal. Victoria comes in and says she may have found something. She tells Jordan that his sexy stunt on GC Buzz got their numbers up. When Jordan left, Billy says he is going to meet the pro hockey league rep in Toronto. Vicky asks if there is someone named Clarissa that works at Jabot.

Cane holds Juliet’s negligee and thinks about being drunk in Tokyo. When Lily comes in, he hides the negligee. He tells her about taking her on top of the tower. When Lily leaves, he video calls Juliet. She says the negligee was hers. He wants to know how it got in his bag. She says she spent the night in his room. She apologizes for being unprofessional. She tells him to get rid of the negligee. She asks if he spoke to Victoria yet. He says he will recommend her to Victoria. When Lily comes back, Cane is nervous.

Scott tells Kevin no one will pay for security for him to go back to the Middle East since he has been compromised. They talk about his relationship with Chloe. Kevin tells him about his relationship with her and how Delia died.

Chloe shows up while Kevin is talking about her to Scott. She tells Scott that she would have hurt him if something happened to Kevin. She asks Scott about his love life. He tells her that he is writing a book. Scott and Chloe dance with each other. When they are finished dancing, he tells her how he feels helpless. She tells him he can change if she can.

Cane thanks Jordan for helping with Lily’s stalker. Lily thanks him too. Victoria and Billy talk about the deal with Mr. Sato with Cane. Cane tells Victoria about the job Juliet wants. Victoria says she will talk about it later. Billy and Cane get into an argument before Billy goes with Victoria. Hilary gets upset when she finds out that Jordan is going out with Hilary. He says he can handle it. Billy and Victoria watch the interview with Clarissa and realizes that it is Gloria. They listen and find out that she incriminates Jack.

Young And Restless 3-21-17 Recap 21st March 2017.