Young And Restless 3-22-17 Recap 22nd March 2017


Young And Restless 3-22-17
Young And Restless 3-22-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-22-17 Recap 22nd March 2017

Young And Restless 3-22-17 Recap, Victoria and Billy are surprised that Gloria said Jack sexually harassed her. Billy says they have Jack where they want him. Billy can’t believe Jack harassed Gloria. Billy says Jack can’t stand Gloria. They wonder if Gloria is telling the truth. Billy wants to use the footage to get Jack to back off the hockey deal. She thinks he is thinking too small.

Billy shows up to Jack’s office. Billy lets him and Gloria know that Victoria is upset about the hockey deal. He says she found the Clarissa video. Billy warns that Victoria isn’t afraid to use it.

Jack and Gloria go to Brash N Sassy with Billy. Victoria shows them a little bit of the video. She says she will show the video to the world so they will know that Jack is a snake. Victoria tells him to fix the damage he made with the hockey deal. Jack does what she says. Victoria wants him to apologize to Billy. Jack says it was a cheap shot. Victoria gives Jack the footage. She never wanted to stoop to his level.

At GC Buzz, Jordan and Hilary talk about Lily. Hilary says there are going to be changes around there. He tells her that he believes in change. He wants to know if their date is about Devon. Hilary says she wants to celebrate her freedom with him.

Mariah and Devon are having dinner. She asks him if they are on a date. He tells her to tell him. Mariah says they’re just friends and that he is her boss. He asks if she is afraid of Hilary.

Hilary and Jordan are at The Underground and see Devon and Mariah. Hilary and Jordan talk about how to handle things. She says that she asked for GC Buzz in the divorce. Mariah lets Devon know that Hilary is there. He says he’s okay. Mariah says he needs a real date. She looks at Hilary and kisses Devon. Hilary is upset and Jordan notices it.

Young And Restless 3-22-17 Recap 22nd March 2017.