Young And Restless 3-23-17 Recap 23rd March 2017


Young And Restless 3-23-17
Young And Restless 3-23-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-23-17 Recap 23rd March 2017

Young And Restless 3-23-17 Recap, Nick talks to Nikki about the way Chelsea reacted on their date when Adam was mentioned. He talks to Nikki about the explosion and wonders if it wasn’t an accident. She tells him that Dylan and Paul were thorough with the investigation. She wonders who would have tried to kill Adam. Nick has a flashback of Scott telling him that Chloe told him that something life changing happened six months ago.

Kevin tells Michael that he is going to propose to Chloe. Michael asks if they need three times to get it right and tells him that they aren’t compatible. Kevin wants Michael’s blessing and tells him that she has improved. Michael says Adam’s death helped with that. Kevin is upset when he says that. Kevin tries to convince him that she has changed. Michael finally caves and the two hug each other.

Jack is upset with Gloria over the video. She defends herself and tells him that this incident got him to focus on the men’s line. She says they can do great things. She says in his spare time, he can stick it to Billy and leaves. At Brash N Sassy, Billy tells Victoria how she set Jack straight. Billy tries to thank her for sticking up for him, but she gets a phone call.

Gloria shows up and confronts Victoria about using the video to manipulate Jack. Victoria makes fun of the fact that Gloria is protecting him. Victoria warns her that if things get worse, it will be worse for Jack than it is for Billy. Billy goes to see Jack in his office. Billy thinks he is right to lash out at him, but a war is a waste of energy. Billy tells him that if he hates him forever, it will make him Victor. Jack tells him to get out. Billy tries to reach out to him again. Jack tells him that he is his own worst enemy and that he will ruin things. Billy reminds him that he hired a woman that once tried to ruin Jabot and tells him to thank her for him.

Billy goes back to Brash N Sassy and thanks Victoria again for defending him. He says it felt like it came from the heart. When she doesn’t say anything, he kisses her. After they kiss, he tells her that he has to catch his flight.

Chelsea tells Chloe that she thought about the explosion during her date with Nick. Chelsea says that Nick gave her Sage’s inheritance from Constance. Chloe tells her to give it back. Chloe says that Adam is linked to the money. Chloe tells her that she can’t keep the money. They get into an argument about it. Chelsea tells her that Constance wanted Sage to have it. They talk about Adam’s death. Chloe ends up telling her that there was a view from the lake from the cabin porch. Chelsea wonders how she knows, but Chloe covers by saying that Chelsea told her about it. Nick shows up to see Chelsea. When Nick and Chloe are alone, he gets upset when she says Chelsea should forget about Adam. After their argument, Nick picks up Connor’s dinosaur and sees a hole in it. He and Chelsea are surprised to see a device inside.

Nikki sees Jack ordering a drink at the bar. They talk about Ashley bringing Ravi to the opera. Jack is snappy with her and she realizes that Victor is usually the cause of him being upset. He tells her that she settled for Victor. She wonders if he is full of resentment.

Young And Restless 3-23-17 Recap 23rd March 2017.