Young And Restless 11-10-16 Recap 10th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-10-16
Young And Restless 11-10-16

Young And Restless 11-10-16 Recap 8th November 2016

Mariah shows up at GC Buzz and sees Hilary talking about Sharon’s secret. At Newman Enterprises, Victor lies to Abby and tells her that he just found out about Christian last night. Abby complains about Sharon and Hilary. Victor promises to take action. Victoria and Nick talk about feeling bad for Dylan. When they talk about Sharon, Nick hopes that the situation can stay quiet. Nick asks Victoria about Travis. She tells him that things aren’t going well. Nick suggests that Victor is behind everything.

Victoria feels stuck in the middle. Travis runs into Billy just as the GC Buzz episode is airing. Travis understands why Victoria left to meet Nick. Billy realizes that Victoria shut Travis out. Travis believes that Billy is jealous of his relationship with Victoria. Travis warns Billy not to interfere in his relationship with Victoria.

Ashley runs into an old friend. Ashley suspects that her friend is interested in Travis. Ashley tells her that Travis is living with Victoria. Mariah confronts Hilary about doing the story on Sharon. Hilary asks Mariah how long she has known the truth. Devon plays referee when the two start arguing. Hilary wants Mariah to go on the air, but Mariah thinks she’s only interested in ratings. Hilary wants to give Mariah a chance to tell her side. Devon talks to Hilary about why she wants to do this to the Newmans.

Victor calls and threatens to sue. Victor didn’t care what was done to Sharon, but Nick and the baby had to be out of it. Devon continues to argue with Hilary about the story. She is determined to do the story. They kiss and make up. Hilary apologizes to Mariah and gives her another chance to tell her side of the story. Mariah is ready to quit, but Devon wants her to stay with them. He is happy that Hilary doesn’t back down to people like Victor, but wants Mariah to keep Hilary on the straight and narrow. She could also help Sharon.

Travis shows up at Newman and talks to Abby about the scandal. He hoped that Nick would let Dylan see the baby. Victor overhears their conversation and tells him that his grandson isn’t his business. Victor informs Travis that he’s not a Newman. Noah and Summer tell Nick about the story on the buzz. Noah defends Sharon while Summer insults her. Nick gets into their argument.

Victor shows up and blames Sharon. Noah was upset with Victor for blaming Sharon after everything he has done. Victor thought that Sharon should pay for what she’s done. When Victor and Nick are alone, Victor promises that Nick and Christian won’t be involved in the scandal. Nick believes someone will pay and reminds Victor that Sharon is his kids’ mother.

Travis meets with Victoria to talk about the scandal. Victoria didn’t tell him because it’s a family thing. He is insulted and blames Billy for why she didn’t say anything. He is determined not to live in Victor or Billy’s shadow. He leaves. Billy tricks Victoria into having lunch with him. When Travis goes to the park, he runs into Ashley’s old friend.

By Michele and Cheryl

Young And Restless 11-10-16 Recap 10th November 2016.