Young And Restless 11-8-16 Recap 8th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-8-16
Young And Restless 11-8-16

Young And Restless 11-8-16 Recap 8th November 2016

The Young And Restless 11-8-16 Recap, Nick and Chelsea spent time with Christian. Nick wished that Sage were around to see their son. Chelsea began thinking about Adam not being there for Conner. Nick and Chelsea decided to support each other while they dealt with being single parents. Dylan and Sharon argued because of the situation with Sully. Dylan wanted Sharon to leave him alone. Unfortunately, Faith overheard their argument and called out to Sharon.

Dylan ended up telling Faith that Sully is actually Christian. Faith was confused so Sharon explained to her how Dr. Anderson stole Nick’s baby and led her to believe that she was Sully’s mother. Sharon let Faith know that Christian is still her brother. Despite Sharon’s explanation, Faith was mad that Sharon and Dylan let Christian go. Faith wanted to know how long she knew the truth. Sharon confessed that she knew for a while that Christian wasn’t hers.

Faith reminded her mother that Nick was upset about Christian, but she didn’t say anything to help him. Sharon felt bad about what she did. Faith wondered if her mother was sick again. Sharon set her mind at ease by letting her know that she was okay. Faith wanted to see the baby and ran out of the house. Chloe wondered if Kevin knew what happened with Sharon. Kevin didn’t know anything about it. Chloe confessed that Chelsea told her about Sharon’s lie. Kevin wanted to know everything so she told him about how long Sharon kept the secret. Kevin put two and two together and realized Mariah knew the truth. Kevin left to find Mariah.

Hilary wanted Mariah to get info about Curtis’ confession for the show. Devon let Hilary know that he didn’t want her to do the interview. Hilary stood by the story and wanted to do it. Devon reminded her that Victor would be let off the hook, but they would go down for not revealing their source. Devon wanted Mariah to get rid of everything regarding the story.

Faith ran into Nick and talked to him about the baby. Faith let Nick know that Dylan and Sharon were upset. Faith wanted to know if Nick hated Sharon. Nick let her know that he didn’t hate her. Dylan went to a batting cage and Sharon followed him there. She wanted to work things out. Dylan believed that the Newmans would press charges against them. Sharon hoped they would keep the issue private, but Dylan knew that wouldn’t happen.

Dylan thought Sharon needed help. Sharon made the mistake of calling herself a victim and Dylan went off on her. Dylan reminded her that she wasn’t a victim once she chose to lie. He walked away from her. Kevin found Mariah at GC Buzz. Kevin wanted to talk to her, but Hilary didn’t want her to leave. Kevin pulled her aside to talk. Kevin asked Mariah about Sharon’s secret. Mariah explained her side of the story. They didn’t know that Hilary was watching them on a TV monitor. Devon spotted Hilary eavesdropping and she wanted him to read their lips. Devon told her they were talking about a baby.

Devon continued to watch them and told her they were talking about Dr. Anderson. Chelsea went home and Chloe told her that she told Kevin about Christian. Chelsea understood because she assumed that Mariah would tell him anyway. Hilary pretended to get a tip about Dr. Anderson. Mariah panicked and left the station. Hilary checked for info about Dr. Anderson online.

By Michele and Cheryl

Young And Restless 11-8-16 Recap 8th November 2016.