Young And Restless 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016


Young And Restless 11-9-16
Young And Restless 11-9-16

Young And Restless 11-9-16 Recap 8th November 2016

Nick was with Christian at the tackhouse when Nikki arrived. Nick told her about what happened and how Christian was with him now. She felt for Nick because of the time she lost with his son. She also felt bad for Dylan since Sharon lied to him too. Nick wanted Nikki to stay away from Sharon, but she couldn’t because she betrayed both of sons. Paul gave Sully’s stuffed animal to Dylan when he dropped the bomb on him that Sully wasn’t his son. Paul was sorry that Dylan had to go through that.

Dylan confided in Paul that a part of him died when he had to give Sully to Nick. Paul wondered if Nick would let Dylan see Sully. Paul let Dylan know that there might be charges pressed against Sharon. Paul told Dylan that he will try to help her as much as he could. Dylan appreciated any help he could give him. Victor let Curtis know that their deal was off. Curtis said he did what Victor wanted but GC Buzz didn’t air the footage.

Hilary found info on Dr. Anderson. Victor showed up at GC Buzz and asked Devon why Curtis’ interview didn’t get aired. Victor threatened to sue Devon if Curtis’ interview didn’t air. Devon decided to air Curtis’ interview after all so Victor wouldn’t sue him. Devon left a message for Hilary to call him. Mariah went home and told Sharon that Hilary got a tip about Dr. Anderson and a baby. They were worried that Hilary would make a big deal about what happened.

Sharon talked about how perfect her family and life were before everything got ruined. Mariah reminded her that it wasn’t perfect because she had to keep lying. Sharon was grateful for Mariah standing by her the entire time. Mariah was worried about what will happen now that the truth is out. Sharon promised to protect her. Nikki arrived at Sharon’s house and she had it out with her about what she did to her sons. Sharon tried to defend herself, but Nikki didn’t care what she had to say. One thing led to another and they ended up in a huge argument. They insulted each other and threw up the things they’ve done in each other’s faces.

Things get so heated between them that their argument turns into a fight. Dylan walked in the house and saw them fighting each other. He told Nikki to leave. Nikki told Dylan that he could stay at the main house and stormed out. Dylan informed Sharon that Paul knew the truth and that chargers could be filed against her. Sharon told Dylan that GC Buzz knew the story too. Dylan advised Sharon to check into a facility. Sharon refused to do that.

Hilary went to Rivercrest to see Patty. An employee thought she was Patty’s lawyer and let her see Patty. Patty also thought Hilary was her lawyer and that Paul sent her. Hilary was able to convince Patty to talk about Dr. Anderson and how she wanted to get rid of her. Patty ended up telling Hilary everything about what happened to the baby. Mariah went back to GC Buzz and Devon told her that she was going to be on the air. Mariah prepared to go on the air.

Hilary arrived at GC Buzz and was upset that Mariah was about to go on the air. Hilary was going on the air instead of Mariah. Hilary showed the footage of Curtis and apologized to Victor. Hilary finished the story and was upset that Mariah was about to go on air. Mariah let her know that she didn’t want to go on the air. Devon let Hilary know that she was nowhere to be found. Hilary told him that she was getting a great story.

Nikki talked to Victor about what Sharon did. Nikki made sure to say that Sharon was the only one wrong. Nikki wanted to make Sharon pay for what she did. Victor didn’t think they should do anything. Nikki was surprised by his reaction to not wanting to make Sharon pay. Victor thought they should take the high road.

By Michele and Cheryl

Young And Restless 11-9-16 Recap 9th November 2016.