Young And Restless 3-10-17 Recap 10th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-10-17
Young And Restless 3-10-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-10-17 Recap 10th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-10-17 Recap, Lauren tells Michael that she is happy that Scott is home. She panics when he isn’t in his room. Michael says that he needs space and that she needs to give him time. Paul comes by to see Scott, but realizes that something is wrong. Michael tells him what is going on then leaves to make a call. Paul comforts Lauren. They are both afraid that Scott will be back in danger.

Sharon talk about Nick dating Chelsea. Faith says she can’t be happy about him dating Chelsea when Sharon is alone. Sharon lets her know that she is okay with her life. She says she doesn’t need to be in a relationship. Faith tells her that Dylan shouldn’t have left. Sharon tells her that she is going to college which makes her happy.

Nick tells Chelsea that she is getting out of the bubble. He says he is going to limit Victor’s influence on his kids. He realizes that she is thinking about Adam. Nick apologizes to her. She apologizes to him. He realizes that she is upset. She says they are in the same place. He tells her that he sees her in his future. They kiss each other.

Scott goes to see Victor and tells him that he and Lauren can’t pay him back. Victor doesn’t care. Scott wants to know why he helped him. Victor says he admires his writing and the fact that he put his life on the line. Scott wants him to save someone else. Victor says it is already being done. Scott is concerned about the driver and wants to go back. Victor talks him out of it.

Nick goes to see Victor. Victor thinks he wants him to talk to Faith about Chelsea. Nick tells him not to get involved. Victor jokes about Nick’s ready made family. Nick tells him one day at a time.

Kevin and Scott met at Crimsom Lights. They talk about the missing driver. Kevin is upset that Scott wants to go back. Scott says Genoa City isn’t home to him and it may never be home. Kevin introduces Sharon to Scott when she is by them. She says she remembers him. She wants to know how long he is staying. Kevin pulls her to the side and tells her that it is a good thing that she hasn’t heard from Dylan. Scott says that he lost his job because he was compromised.

Victor goes to Chelsea to tell her to take the secret about Christian to her grave. She wonders if she can go along with it. He tells her to think about the boys.

When Scott goes home, Lauren fusses over him. She is happy when he says he will stay in town. He tells her that he was fired. When Scott goes to take a shower, Paul tells Lauren that Scott may still want to leave.
Young And Restless 3-10-17 Recap 10th March 2017.