Young And Restless 3-13-17 Recap 13th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-13-17
Young And Restless 3-13-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-13-17 Recap 10th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-13-17 Recap, Victoria was happy with Cane’s news that the company is about to become a threat in the Asian market. She wants him and Juliet to celebrate. Michael tells Devon that he is sorry his marriage didn’t work out. Michael tells him to build a new life. Devon didn’t know what that is. Michael tells him to lean on his family. Devon doesn’t know what the future holds, but says that they are done.

Billy shows up at Brash N Sassy to see Victoria while she was talking to Cane. When Billy makes a crack about Cane, she defends him. As Billy is leaving, she gets a call from Johnny’s teacher about a permission slip and leaves.

Juliet offers to be Cane’s tour guide in Japan. He decides not to call Lily. They take in the sights. They go to a restaurant and start drinking. Cane tells her that she is a lifesaver. She tells him that she wants to work full time as division manager for Asia. He tells her that he will recommend her to Victoria. He decides to get more to drink and leaves his phone.

When Hilary shows up at GC Buzz, she is in a good mood. She gives Mariah a press release about her divorce in the next segment. Mariah thinks she shouldn’t talk about her personal life on the air. They end up arguing. Hilary says she’s about to be free to be herself.

Jordan takes Lily to her suite just as Victoria shows up. Lily is shocked that Cane has been finished with his meeting for a while. A strange man shows up and wants to take a picture with Lily. The man wants to talk to her even when she’s ready to stop talking. Jordan chases the guy away. He says he will protect her. Lily wishes Cane would call. She calls Cane, but doesn’t get an answer. He wants to take her home, but she wants to go by herself. Someone is watching her leave.

Mariah runs into Devon. He wonders how Hilary did this morning. Mariah says she was in rare form, but she doesn’t want him to interfere. Devon says the divorce may have hit a snag. She jokes about marriage. He hopes she gives love a chance.

Michael tells Hilary that they have to talk about the settlement. The judge won’t sign off on the divorce until the money is dealt with. Hilary says that tearing up the check was a ploy. She is glad she doesn’t have to lie anymore. They argue about it until she tells him to get Devon there. When Devon shows up, she says she wants full ownership of the show. It is all she wants from him.

Billy tells Victoria that he signed the permission slip for her. She thanks him for it. He offers to help her out with the kids. He offers to stay home for a few days to help out with Reed. She turns down his offer.

Young And Restless 3-13-17 Recap 13th March 2017.