Young And Restless 3-14-17 Recap 14th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-14-17
Young And Restless 3-14-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-14-17 Recap 14th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-14-17 Recap, Ashley has an argument with Jack over the phone. She finds out that his flight has been canceled because of bad weather. He has to miss the charity opera. Ravi hears her conversation and tells her she looks amazing. He offers to take her to the opera. They talk about their last conversation about dating each other. She decides to go with him.

Scott lets Michael and Lauren know that he will be fine alone while they go to the opera. Lauren is worried about leaving her son alone. She calls Phyllis and asks for her help. When Phyllis shows up, Scott lets her know he is too old for a babysitter. She asks how he is. He says he is worried about the driver. While they are bonding, she suggests that he writes about his experience. She also suggests that he start a campaign or blog. He doesn’t know how to do that so she offers to help.

Lily tells Neil about the strange guy she met. Cane wakes up to his phone ringing. He misses Lily’s call. Neil tells Lily to call him again. Neil tells her about his plans with Lois. Lily is upset and thinks she’s is another Hilary. Neil says that she is a good person. When he leaves, the stranger shows up. While Lily and Matty are video chatting with Cane, the stranger is watching. When Matty goes to bed, the stranger takes pictures of Lily. Jordan shows up and confronts him. Jordan rings the bell and shows Lily the man and the pictures he took. She calls the man sick. Jordan stomps on the man’s phone. When the police show up, she gives him a warning. When the stranger is gone, Jordan tells her to get a restraining order. He says he came by to check on her since Cane is away. He offers to stay over and she lets him.

Cane finds Juliet’s earring in his bed and is confused. When he meets her, he is fuzzy. She reminds him of the promise he made to her. Cane says he will keep his word. He talks to her about his drinking. He asks her about her earring. She says she was in his room because someone had to put him to bed. When Cane leaves, she smiles with the earring in her hand.

At the charity opera, Lauren thanks Victor for saving Scott. Victor says there will be a way to repay him. Later, he sees Ashley and talks to her when Neil shows up with Lois. Ashley says that Lois did a story about Jack’s marriage. Ashley asks Neil if he is open to professional challenges. Ashley is shocked when she sees how Ravi looks in his tuxedo. Ashley and Nikki get into it over Ravi being younger. Ashley reminds her of the younger men she was with. Victor tells Michael and Lauren that he is trying to get word on Scott’s driver. She wishes that Scott could find work in town. Victor says he might have something for him.
Young And Restless 3-14-17 Recap 14th March 2017.