Young And Restless 3-15-17 Recap 15th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-15-17
Young And Restless 3-15-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-15-17 Recap 15th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-15-17 Recap, Billy tells Ashley that people are saying that there is a power struggle at Jabot. She tells him that she hasn’t agreed with Jack’s tactics. They talk about Cane making the deal with Mr. Sato. She wonders why Victoria didn’t want him to do the deal. Billy says Cane was the right man for the job. He tells her he is doing a deal of his own. He is moving the company into the sports world. She is impressed with the idea. She says Jabot won’t know what hit them when it happens.

Reed is upset with Victoria for missing his performance. He wonders if her business is more important than he is. She apologizes, but tells him not to hand out with Zoey anymore. He is upset with her for trying to control him. Billy shows up while they are arguing. Billy tells him to be careful with the girls and tells Victoria that Reed isn’t getting married. When Reed leaves, Billy tells her that he arranged a meeting to make their products the official line of the hockey league. She doesn’t like how he didn’t talk to her first. He gets upset and makes a pitch about the idea. She tells him to do it.

Colin is happy to hear that Cane’s trip was a success. Colin tells him that Lily had a strange man sleeping on the couch. Cane figures that it was Jordan and says that he is an old friend. Colin thinks he should be more concerned about it. Lily and Neil meet them and tell them about the stalker and what happened. When Lily and Cane are alone, she is happy that he got the deal. They talk about spending some time together. When she leaves, he finds a woman’s negligee in his luggage.

Jill, Nikki, and Esther talk about Jill’s heart attack. Nikki’s finds out the signs and symptoms of it and thinks it’s a worthy cause. When Jill makes Esther leave, Jill tells Nikki about Philip’s ring and how Katherine kept it from her. Nikki breaks down when she reads Katherine’s letter. Jill is upset that Katherine never told Nikki about the situation. Jill wants to know more about it. Nikki thinks that Katherine was afraid of losing Jill. Nikki says they both suffered, but Katherine found happiness with Murphy. Nikki thinks Jill should do the same. Jill wonders if she should be with Colin. Nikki says that Katherine would suggest that she decide if she should or shouldn’t be with Colin.

When Ashley shows up at Jabot, she hears Jack complaining about Brash N Sassy getting the hockey deal. She says that Billy told her about it. Jack wants to stop the company from getting the deal. They get into an argument. Jack says he is working on their men’s line. She thinks he is trying to get revenge on Billy. Jack says he is doing it with or without her. He says he wants to destroy the competition.
Young And Restless 3-15-17 Recap 15th March 2017.