Young And Restless 3-7-17 Recap 7th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-7-17
Young And Restless 3-7-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-7-17 Recap 7th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-7-17 Recap, Jill takes Katherine’s picture down. Devon shows up and sees the picture of the sofa. He wonders what is going on, but she says it’s a long story. He jokes that she is finding a way to keep they’re feud going. She says that Katherine did that. He puts the picture back on the way. He wants to help her. They talk about Colin and what he did. Devon thinks it wouldn’t be right to be happy about their break up. She reminds him that he is married to a barracuda. They talk about how they can’t live with or without their spouses. They realize that they can’t waste time.

When Colin finds out that Cane is leaving town and is afraid that he is going to have to leave too. Cane lets him know that Lily wouldn’t throw him out. Colin is happy when he gets a call. He tells Cane that he will get Jill’s money back legally and leaves. Lily talks to Neil about Cane leaving town and how Colin is wearing out his welcome. Neil thinks that she wants Colin to move in with him. They talk about whether or not Jill will take Colin back. Lily says she has to get rid of Colin.

Hilary isn’t happy with Mariah’s wardrobe. Mariah is surprised that they are doing a photo shoot. Mariah thinks Hilary is trying to sabotage her again. Hilary says she isn’t and they get along. When Jordan shows up, he flirts with Hilary. He tells her that she isn’t with Devon anymore. She flirts with him back and they talk about work. When Mariah returns, she tells Hilary about her love life. Hilary tells her that kissing Devon was great, but he has been giving her mixed signals ever since. When she gets upset, she stops talking to Mariah and talks to Jordan. When Devon shows up, he sees what is going on during the shoot and isn’t happy.

Jordan lets Devon know that he thinks Hilary is hot. Jordan tells him that he wants to go out with Hilary. Devon tells him that he can ask her out, but is upset about it. Devon and Hilary watch each other just before Jordan asks her out for drinks. Hilary is surprised that he asked Devon for his permission. She wants him to stay for the show. When Devon talks to Mariah, he finds out that Hilary agreed to go out with Jordan.

Phyllis goes in Ravi’s office in an unflattering dress that came from the Fenmore’s app. The mistake can be fixed. They talk about Ashley. He is upset that people think that he and Ashley wouldn’t make a good couple. Phyllis tells him that he should let go of the idea of being with Ashley. Ashley talks to Abby about taking on a bigger role at Jabot. When Ashley brings up Ravi, Abby tells her that she is going to break his heart. They get into an argument about it. Ashley tells her that Ravi will get over her when he finds someone his own age. Abby continues to plead her case until Ashley says she will handle it.

Ashley wants Ravi in her office to tell him that they will never be friends. He wants to know if that’s it. She says it is. He wants to know why she feels this way. When she tells him, he tells her that she is wrong. She thinks his crush will ruin the relationship they have. He thinks she cares more about what people will think than what she wants.

When Colin goes to Jill’s mansion, she tells him that he better have the ring. He shows it to her. She is happy to see it and wonders if Katherine ever wanted her to find it. He tells her the ring is worth more than it would take to buy Fenmore’s. He hopes it could make things right with them. She thanks him for getting the ring back, but she can’t forgive him for lying and stealing. He tells her that he won’t give up and leaves. Jill thinks of Philip and puts on the ring.

Young And Restless 3-7-17 Recap 7th March 2017.