Young And Restless 3-8-17 Recap 8th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-8-17
Young And Restless 3-8-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-8-17 Recap 8th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-8-17 Recap, Victoria is on a video chat with Cane and Juliet. She tells them that the meeting is important. He lets her know that he has the situation handled. Lily shows up and talks to him. She tells him about the kids. He lets her know that he loves her. When she is finished talking to Cane, she talks to Victoria about Cane staying with her. When Billy shows up, Victoria gets upset when he brings up Zoey (Reed’s friend). Victoria thinks that Zoey will try to get pregnant by Reed. When Victoria wants to confront the girl, Billy stops her. They talk about Reed going to open mic night. She tells Billy that she agreed to stay away from open mic night. She lets him know that she is waiting on Cane’s call. Billy thinks that she is having second thoughts sending him. She tells him that she couldn’t go herself. Billy says he will watch the kids, but she doesn’t want to second-guess her employees. She says she wants to crush Jabot in Asia. Billy hopes that Cane knows that he can’t fail.

Juliet tells Cane what he should and shouldn’t do before their meeting with Mr. Sato. Juliet is impressed by the things that Cane knows. When Mr. Sato shows up, the meeting gets underway. Cane lets him know that he was behind the men’s line. Mr. Sato isn’t interested in the line. Cane and Juliet tell him about the products, but he isn’t interested. Cane tells him about the men’s line again, but Juliet is worried about him mentioning it again. Mr. Sato eventually agrees to the deal based on Cane’s argument. When Mr. Sato is about to leave, Cane offends him by trying to hug him. Juliet lets him know that he blew the deal.

At GC Buzz, Mariah lets the audience know that they are about to see something shocking. Hilary is doing housework. They get into an argument. Hilary wins the challenge. When Hilary drops tomato sauce on Mariah, she says that it is good for laundry too. Jordan and Devon let Hilary know that she had a great show. Devon and Jordan let Hilary and Mariah know that they have great chemistry with each other. Hilary and Jordan leave for their drinks. Devon smiles, but Mariah knows that he is upset. She invites him to go to open mic night. When Devon sees Hilary and Jordan together, he agrees to go.

Jordan asks Hilary what went wrong with Devon. She doesn’t want to talk about it. They see Devon and Mariah with Noah. When Devon sees Hilary, Mariah tells him they can leave. He tells her that he is okay. Hilary tells Jordan that Devon followed them there. They go on as if they didn’t see him. Lily shows up and talks to Devon and Mariah. Mariah tells Devon to let Lily know who else is there. He tells Lily that Hilary and Jordan are there on a date. Lily is upset and tells Devon to sign the divorce papers. She confronts Jordan and asks him what he is thinking. She asks if he is dating Hilary. She gets into an argument with Hilary. Devon interrupts their argument and says he is leaving. Hilary apologizes to Jordan and leaves. Lily tells Jordan about the things Hilary has done.

When Hilary and Devon go to Devon’s penthouse, she confronts him. She is furious with him. She lets him know that she needs closure. She says she isn’t leaving until he forgives her or signs the divorce papers.

Young And Restless 3-8-17 Recap 8th March 2017.