Young And Restless 3-9-17 Recap 9th March 2017


Young And Restless 3-9-17
Young And Restless 3-9-17 Recap

Young And Restless 3-9-17 Recap 9th March 2017

Young And Restless 3-9-17 Recap, Devon doesn’t like Hilary giving him an ultimatum. He says that she is only dating Jordan to make him jealous. Hilary tells him that he played games with her by kissing her and then not talking to her. He tells her that he learned from the best. She is upset, but he finds it funny that she thinks they are on a ride that they can’t get off of. He tells her that no one has affected his life the way she has. He doesn’t think anyone will. She wants to know what he wants from her. They argue with each other. He says that he doesn’t want to be with her, but he can’t live without her. They kiss each other.

Hilary tells Devon that they shouldn’t have done this. They talk about good memories. They talk about their wedding. They talk about their problems. She understands why he doesn’t trust her. They say that they love each other, but their marriage is broken. They need to end it. He signs the divorce papers.

Juliet understands what Cane is going through. She knew that he didn’t mean to insult Mr. Sato. She tells him not to apologize to him because it will make things worse. She goes to talk to Mr. Sato. Cane is stresses over the deal. He notices a text from Victoria and stresses out. He calls her and hopes that he has good news. Billy tells Victoria that it sounds as if Cane lost the deal. He tells her not to stay by the phone and suggests that she goes to the Underground to listen to Reed play.

Mariah tries to make Reed feel better about performing. She gives him a pep talk and tells him that he will do a great job. Reed is upset with himself for choking on stage. Billy and Victoria show up at the bar. Noah tells them that Reed is in the office. Billy tells Victoria not to interfere. When she sees Zoey, she asks her what happened to Reed. Reed shows up with his guitar. Billy takes Victoria away from Zoey. Reed confronts Zoey about laughing at him. She says she was laughing at a picture and apologizes. Reed accepts her apology and sings for her.

Lauren and Michael reunite with Scott and Kevin. She wants Scott to tell them what happened. Scott tells them that he was attacked and dragged from his car. He says he was put in a truck. He says he was driven somewhere and put in a dark room. Scott thanks Kevin for being persistent and Lauren for paying the ransom money. She says it was Victor who paid it. Michael says that there has been no news on the driver. Scott wants to know what happened to him. She asks Scott about his experiences and wonders if it’s time for him to settle down in one place. Scott is upset and says that he isn’t staying in Genoa City.

Juliet tells Cane that the deal is still in jeopardy, but Mr. Sato wants to see him. Cane asks him to forgive him for his ignorance. Cane tries to appeal to Mr. Sato again. Mr. Sato decides to make the deal with him. Cane calls Victoria and tells her that he made the deal. Cane and Juliet celebrate making the deal.

Kevin tells Michael that what he saw in the Middle East got to him. Kevin says he won’t take things for granted. Michael questions him about Scott. Kevin says that Scott was disturbed and seemed haunted by his experience.
Young And Restless 3-9-17 Recap 9th March 2017.