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Y&R April 18 - 22 2016
At Crimson Lights, Summer is upset that she sold out her mother, her stepdad and her friends. She asks Luca how she comes back from that. Luca points out that Victor will be happy with her. Summer is still worked up, so Luca offers to take her somewhere to distract her.

At Billy’s place, he assumes Phyllis is upset because either Jack or Summer refused to lie under oath. She tells them they did lie, but she regrets the position she put Summer in, and now Jack hates her for it. Phyllis worries she’ll lose them both. Billy reassures her. Phyllis beats herself up for her treatment of Summer. Billy reminds her what Victor did to her – he gets why she pushed Summer and it felt impossible to walk away from this fight. He strokes her face and tells her she deserves to win. Phyllis worries about leaning on him. He asks what she wants to do. She wants to drown out the noise – she doesn’t know how to make it stop. Billy does. He proposes a ride on his motorcycle.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells Jack that Summer regrets lying and will be called as a witness for Newman if the lawsuit goes to trial. She suggests they come to an agreement instead. They bicker about Summer. Victoria insists she cares about her niece, but Jack points out she jumped at the chance to use her. They continue to argue until Victoria tells Jack she will drop the lawsuit and accept his deal – Jabot will distribute Passkey and Newman shares profits – on one condition. “You fire Billy.” Jack says it’s his birthright. Victoria is doing it for Billy’s own good. He reminds her said the same thing about Victor, who disowned her. Victoria tries to make Jack see how the Internet deal has got in between her and Billy. Jack isn’t sure about her reasoning. She knows it could backfire on her, but it could be their last chance. She hates what Billy and Phyllis did together and feels this could be a new beginning for all of them.

At the lab, Max apologizes to Abby for misbehaving, and she says she’s sorry for losing her temper. Stitch oversees the exchange, noting that Max insisted on coming over there. They convince Abby to join them for lunch after Max hugs Abby and promises to try harder.

At the Club, Neil and Lily discuss Hilary. Lily feels bad for Devon, who wants the marriage to work; she wants to be supportive. Neil understands, but refuses to let Hilary get away with the stuff she’s pulling. Hilary arrives and Lily makes nice before leaving her alone with Neil. Hilary informs him they have unfinished business. She expects him to ensure she keeps her seat on the board or she’ll let it slip that he kidnapped her. They argue about how that would play out. Hil says she’d survive it, but he wouldn’t. Neil feels there’s no depth she won’t sink to and warns her about playing with the big boys. Hilary assumes he will do as she’s asking. Neil walks away. By the door, Stitch, Abby, and Max arrive. Max apologizes to Lily and asks for her best table. Lily’s impressed. At the table, Abby lets Stitch know she’s a little skeptical about the sudden change in Max while he’s in the restroom. Stitch feels they’re finally moving in the right direction. Nearby, Max asks Lily to throw a surprise baby shower for Abby. Stitch joins the conversation and agrees to pay. Max insists it be a surprise. Abby approaches. They tell her Stitch is booking them a ‘babymoon’ night and Max can stay with the twins. Abby is delighted. As they exit, Max stops and looks back at the staircase. Upstairs in Luca’s suite, he opens up to Summer about the pressure put on him by his father. He counsels Summer how to take control and redirect feelings of anger into pleasurable pursuits. They draw. Luca sketches a creek he used to ‘run away’ to when he was younger. Summer draws a questionable horse. After, she thanks him at the door with a kiss.

Billy and Phyllis return to his house covered in mud after their motorcycle ride. It was exactly what she needed. He invites her to stay and clean up. Later, Jack arrives to find Phyllis coming down the stairs wearing nothing but one of Billy’s shirts and Billy shirtless.

Summer tells Mariah and Kevin, “I’m feeling much better now that I’ve told Victoria the truth.”

Natalie asks Billy, “If he’s willing to get rid of you, what does that mean for us?”

Victor yells at Victoria, “You took your foot off the neck of Jabot! You could have took their money, you could have killed them!”

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