Bold and the Beautiful 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

Brooke wondered why she drank last night when she looked at the alcohol display. She thought about what happened with Deacon. Sheila said Brooke wasn’t going to keep her from her son.

Deacon went to the cabin to see Hope. Liam told him she wasn’t there. Deacon told him the only thing they had in common was their love of Hope. Liam said he didn’t see the point of them talking. Deacon said he understood that he was worried that he would hurt Hope. Deacon said he liked how Liam always looked out for Hope.

Liam told Deacon that Hope made her own decisions. He said he saw heartache coming. He said he was going to say something. Deacon said he changed because of Hope writing letters to him and having faith in him that he could be a better person.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

Ridge grills Brooke about Deacon’s presence on New Year’s Eve.Brooke fights the urge to drink while deciding whether to cover up or tell the truth.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022

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Deacon told Liam that he wanted him to give him a chance. Liam asked like what Brooke was trying to do. Deacon said he was surprised that Brooke invited him over for New Year’s Eve. Deacon said there were a lot of surprises that night.

Carter thought about kissing Paris. He said she was smart and sweet. He said he wanted to warn her about the proposal to show that he was a friend. He asked if they were friends. She couldn’t believe Zende was going to propose. He said it was nice of her not to let him have his proposal rejected. He said he understood why Zende was into her.

Ridge told Brooke that he wanted to hear about what happened on New Year’s Eve. Hope came in and asked if he really wanted to know. She said it was crazy. She said they were actually all out of there before midnight. She said her mother missed him. Ridge asked if Deacon behaved. Brooke said the night wasn’t the same without him. She said she missed him.

When Hope went home, Liam told her about his talk with Deacon. She was glad they talked to each other. He told her he and Deacon had their love for her in common. She was grateful that he was trying. They talked about Taylor coming back. Hope found the timing curious since she came back right when Ridge and her mother were dealing with Deacon. Liam said Deacon was an issue for Ridge. He said they shouldn’t push Deacon on Ridge too much because it could backfire.

Ridge noticed that something was wrong with Brooke. He asked if Deacon did something to upset her. She said she didn’t sleep well. She said she wasn’t herself when he wasn’t home. He apologized. He said they would be together next year. He said they wouldn’t let Deacon break them up. He got a call from the prince.

Brooke called Deacon to talk about her relapse. He told her to go to a meeting and stop hurting herself. She said she wanted to tell Ridge the truth, but she didn’t want to lose him. Deacon told her to get it together. She said the kiss would haunt her forever. She said they needed to keep the secret forever. Deacon agreed to keep it forever. 



Bold and the Beautiful 01-04-22 Recap 4th January 2022.


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