Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-21 Recap 7th January 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-21 Recap 7th January 2021

Liam knew Steffy wanted her baby to be Finn’s but it might not be. He talked to her about how they ended up in that predicament. Steffy said Finn would get to be a father for the first time or Liam’s world would change forever. Liam told her how he wanted to tell the truth. He felt the paternity test results wouldn’t change what they did and wanted to tell the truth. Steffy was afraid they would hurt Finn and Hope. She was also worried about the kids. He couldn’t keep lying and thought it was bothering her too. She was worried that Finn wouldn’t be the father of her baby. Liam felt they needed to know. He hoped that his marriage would survive after the truth was revealed. Steffy hoped his marriage would survive too. They agreed to take a paternity test. They also agreed that Hope and Finn should know the truth.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-21 Recap 7th January 2021

Due to a special news report, this episode was not shown in the US yesterday, so it was rescheduled for today.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-21 Recap 7th January 2021

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Thomas was thankful for the support he received from everyone. He was especially grateful for Hope’s support. He wanted to move forward with his life. He asked her if she heard from Liam. She said she didn’t and figured he didn’t have a chance to get back to her. Thomas couldn’t believe Liam walked away when he thought they were kissing. He mentioned how Liam spends a lot of time with Steffy. She was happy about how far they’ve come in their relationship. Thomas said she had a lot of faith in her marriage. He hoped Liam didn’t hurt her.

Zende knew Paris didn’t want to leave town. He didn’t want to let her walk away. He thought he was the reason why she was leaving. She said he wasn’t the reason she had to go. He wanted to know why she was leaving. Paris didn’t give him a straight answer. She said it was out of her hands. She wanted to celebrate. She told him about the job offer she received from Forrester Creations. He thought Ridge saw potential in her to offer her a job. Paris let him know how Carter put in a good word for her. He didn’t understand why she wasn’t happy about it. He said she was taking the job. She said if she had her way she would take it. Zende put two and two together and realized Zoe was why she was leaving. He said he would talk to her because she wasn’t leaving.

Zoe didn’t want to talk about Paris anymore, but Carter wasn’t finished. He wanted answers from her. He thought something was going on between her and Paris. Zoe didn’t want to talk about it. Carter got upset about the situation. He demanded to know why she didn’t want Paris to take the job. Zoe didn’t want to be selfish, but she wanted Paris to be somewhere other than at Forrester.

Liam went to the cabin to look for Hope. He saw a picture of them together. He thought about happier times in their lives. He also thought about kissing Steffy and her telling him about the pregnancy. Hope arrived home and wanted to know if Kelly was okay. Liam assured her that she was fine. She wondered why Steffy wanted to see him. He told her how he loved her and she was compassionate. He couldn’t believe he thought she would betray him. She was okay with it, but he wasn’t. He told her that something happened that he needed to tell her. She started to get worried. He choked up just before telling her that he hoped she would understand.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-21 Recap 7th January 2021.


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