Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-22 Recap 7th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-22 Recap 7th January 2022

Brooke told Ridge something happened on New Year’s Eve. She thought about kissing Deacon. She said she felt guilty. She said she didn’t know how it happened. She said she was ashamed. She said she had to tell him what she did. He said they were in this together.

Brooke told Ridge that she slipped up. She said she drank on New Year’s Eve. He asked her what happened. She said she was disappointed about that they didn’t get to ring in the New Year together, but she accepted it. She said she thought she accepted it. She thought about drinking the non-alcoholic champagne and feeling an urge to drink actual alcohol. She said it was overpowering. She said she poured the vodka out and started drinking.

Sheila thought about switching the labels on the champagne bottles. Taylor wondered where she was just then. Sheila said she was feeling hopeful about the future. She said she wanted to get help and would do anything to be more involved in Finn’s life.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-22 Recap 7th January 2022

Ridge provides support to Brooke and accompanies her to a meeting.Overcome with shame, Brooke admits she has a problem.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-22 Recap 7th January 2022

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Sheila said with Taylor’s help she could prove she’s not the same person. Taylor said she couldn’t take her on as a patient. She said there was too much history between them. Sheila understood. She gave Taylor a baby blanket and asked her to pass it on. She said she was going to be a good mother to Finn and a good grandmother to Hayes.

Taylor let Sharon know that she had a long way to go to prove herself. She said it was up to her to put in the work. Sheila said she wanted to earn her trust and heal old wounds. She said she was dedicated to being a better person. Taylor said she was glad for everyone’s sake. Taylor said Sheila might be able to spend time with Finn and Hayes, but not right now. She said Steffy and Finn have set boundaries and Sheila needed to accept them. Sheila said she understood.

Taylor told Sheila about her obsessive tendencies over the years. She said it led to instability. She said she saw it when Sheila shot her. Taylor saud she had to put in a lot of effort to prove herself. Sheila thanked her for believing she could change. Sheila said the fact that she believed she could make the changes spoke a lot about her character. She said it was something Brooke would never have. Taylor sensed her anger toward Brooke. She said she didn’t want her to cause trouble. Taylor asked if she did anything to Brooke. Sheila promised she wouldn’t do anything.

Ridge told Brooke not to beat herself up about what happened. He said they would get through it. He asked about Deacon being a part of it. He asked if something happened between her and Deacon. He said the worst decisions she made have been because of Deacon. He asked if Deacon did something. Hope came in before Brooke could answer.

Brooke admitted that she drank on Bew Year’s Eve. She said she relapsed. Hope was shocked. Hope said it would be okay. Brooke apologized. Ridge wondered if it would have happened if Deacon weren’t there. Brooke said it was her fault. Ridge and Hope said they would help her through this.

Brooke said she didn’t want to lose Ridge. She said she regretted her actions. Hope said they all made mistakes. Brooke said they she had no idea. She said the night was going to haunt her forever. She thought about the pact she and Deacon made.



Bold and the Beautiful 01-07-22 Recap 7th January 2022.


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