Bold and the Beautiful 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

Hope was upset with herself for not seeing how her mother was struggling. Liam told her Brooke was a fighter and would get through this problem. Hope was worried that she pushed too hard about her father and caused her mother to stress out. Hope didn’t understand why Brooke was drinking again. He said there was nothing she could do. She didn’t believe it.

Hope told Liam that Taylor was back in town. She thought that didn’t help her mother’s stress. She thought someone or something pushed Brooke over the edge and made her drink. He said she wasn’t being selfish. He said Brooke was going to be okay. She said she was glad her mother was getting help and wasn’t keeping it from anyone. She said her mother was scared knowing things got out of control.

Brooke was asked if she was alone when she drank on New Year’s Eve. She flashed back to being with Deacon. She was uncomfortable with the question.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

Brooke makes a decision that changes the trajectory of her life. Liam comforts Hope who feels responsible for Brooke’s relapse. Zende surprises Paris with a visit from a family member.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022

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Paris thought about kissing Carter. Zende came in and wanted her opinion on a new design. He thanked her for being honest with him on New Year’s. She said he was a great guy. She got distracted by a text from her mother.

Paris said she missed her mother. Paris’ mother sent her pictures. Zende wanted to see them. Paris’ mother showed up. Paris couldn’t believe she was there.

Paris found out that Zende was part of the surprise. Paris’ mother thanked him for setting up the surprise. Paris said thank you. He left them alone so they could talk. Paris’ mother talked about everything Paris accomplished. She said she had a good role model.

Paris’ mother told her that she resigned from her job at the hospital. Paris’ mother said she had other offers in L.A. Paris wanted her mother to move to L.A.

Carter thought about kissing Paris. Zende showed up. Carter wondered why he was happy. Zende told him that he helped bring Paris’ mother in town. He said Paris’ mother wouldn’t have been able to get in the building without his helo. He said he loved making Paris happy.

Zende told Carter that he and Quinn made an engagement ring for Paris. He said he wasn’t sure how Paris felt about him. Carter said he had a confession to make. He said he knew about the engagement because Quinn told him.

Zende told Carter how he set up the engagement. He said Paris told him she was young and single. He wondered if there was someone else. He wondered who the other guy was.

Brooke admitted at the meeting that she was alone when she drank. She said she didn’t know what triggered her to drink. The meeting leader thought it might have been building up and she didn’t realize it. Brooke said she was committed to her sobriety. She said she was grateful for her husband’s support. She said she couldn’t drink again.

Ridge took Brooke home from the meeting. She thought about drinking with Deacon and kissing him. Ridge told her they were in this together. She said she was scared. She said she had no idea what happened that night or how she messed up.

Brooke flashed back to waking up next to Deacon. She said she would never relapse again. She said she didn’t want to lose Ridge. He said as long as they are honest with each other, they could get through anything.

Ridge told Brooke that she trusted him enough to tell him the truth. She beat herself up about drinking again. He said they would all help her get through this. He said it was his fault for not being there when she needed him. He said he would never leave her again. 



Bold and the Beautiful 01-10-22 Recap 10th January 2022.


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