Bold and the Beautiful 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

Steffy told Taylor that Ridge was coming over. Hope showed up looking for one of Douglas’ football. Taylor invited Hope to join them. Taylor said Ridge was coming too. Hope said he didn’t think Ridge would make it since he was with her mother. She said her mother needed her husband.

Taylor asked Hope if Brooke was okay. Hope shrugged her shoulders. Steffy said she could tell them. Hope said she brought stress into her mother’s life by pushing for a relationship with her father. She wanted them to give Ridge and her mother space. She told Taylor not to see this as an opportunity. Taylor wanted to know what she was trying to say.

Steffy thought Hope’s warning was the real reason why she was there. Steffy said it wasn’t about Douglas’ football. Steffy said she wanted to confront her mother. Hope said it wasn’t true, but she felt Taylor needed to know. She said Taylor still had feelings for Ridge. She said they had a family together. Steffy said they still did. She told Hope to get to the point.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

Carter gets uncomfortable when Zende wonders if Paris might be interested in someone else. Hope puts Steffy and Taylor on notice about interfering with Ridge and Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022

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Hope said she was glad that Taylor was back in town. She said she hoped Taylor and Steffy remembered that Ridge was married to her mother. Steffy told her that whatever her father decided was up to him. Hope said he made his decision.

Steffy told Hope that her father has been through a lot. She said most of it was because of her and Brooke. Hope thought she was talking to Deacon. Steffy brought up the pain Deacon has caused. Steffy said no one was worried about Ridge’s feelings.

Steffy told Hope that whoever Ridge was married to was up to him. She said it wasn’t up to Hope or Brooke. Hope asked Taylor to respect her mother’s marriage. She said she was trying to keep the peace. She said she needed them both to understand. She asked if that was clear.

Brooke thought about keeping her secret with Deacon. Ridge interrupted her thoughts by asking if she was thinking about what happened on New Year’s Eve. She wanted to know if he had to be somewhere. She said her years of sobriety was gone because of a mistake.

Ridge told Brooke that she was doing all the right things. He said she was going to her AA meetings and admitting to the problems. He told her to stop beating herself up. She agreed to stop.

Brookw told Ridge that she couldn’t imagine her life without him. He said they were together after all these years. He said they would deal with whatever life threw at them. She said she was trying and appreciated his support. She said she appreciated Hope’s support too.

Brooke told Ridge that she didn’t like how Hope blamed herself for what happened. He said no one was to blame. She said she didn’t understand what drove her to drink. She said she was upset that he didn’t come home, but there had to be more. He said she was fixing the issue. He said they would find out what made her drink.

Ridge told Brooke when they found out what made her drink, he would deal with it. He said it would make their family stronger. They hugged each other. She thought about making Deacon do shots with her as Ridge told her it was just one night. He said she needed to focus on the future.

Zende told Carter that Paris was interested in another man. Zende said he wanted a name. He said he was protective of her. He said he didn’t know for a fact that there was competition, but he wasn’t giving up.

Zende was confused over the way the proposal went down. He said it was as if Paris was tipped off.  He said her answer would have been the same. He said she wasn’t ready for marriage. He said it felt like he was kicked in the gut. He said he hoped they would be engaged. 



Bold and the Beautiful 01-11-22 Recap 11th January 2022.


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