Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

Liam told Hope he was sorry for what he did. He asked if there was a way for her to forgive him. Finn asked Steffy if he slept with Liam. She said Liam thought Hope kissed Thomas. Donna was excited that Paris got the job. Donna asked if Zoe was happy for her. Zoe came in and wanted to know what they were talking about. Donna told Zoe that Paris took the job. Donna said she was going to get her paperwork ready. Zoe told Paris that she was turning down Ridge’s offer. She asked if she changed her mind.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021

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Steffy told Finn that Liam showed up and she didn’t think that would happen again. Finn didn’t know what to say. He asked her what she wanted him to do with that. He brought up how that picture was always staring at him. Liam got on the floor and asked Hope if she could forgive him. He said he hated being the reason why she was in pain. He said he promised to cherish and love her. He said he loved her. He said nothing could change that. He said he wanted their marriage and the future they envisioned. He said they could have it if she could find a way to move past it. He didn’t want to lose her or the children. She said she didn’t want to lose it either. She said she didn’t want to lose any of this. She asked how she was supposed to forgive him being with Steffy.

Finn told Steffy that he would have confronted Thomas and Hope if he saw another man kissing his wife. He said Liam didn’t do that. He said Liam came over there and had sex with her. He said they weren’t married. He asked her where they went from there. Hope told Liam that it would have hurt if he was unfaithful with anyone else. She said it was like a knife that he was with Steffy. He said he hated himself for what he did. He said he didn’t have a right to ask for forgiveness after what he did. He said he knew how big her heart was. He said they faced big obstacles that would have torn any family apart. He said their love pulled them through. He said he kept telling himself that it would happen this time. He said she was too important to him. He wanted her to say that she would let him try. She said she believed he loved her and was sorry for what happened. She told him he loved Steffy too.

Zoe told Paris that her taking the job was disrespectful to her. She thought Paris took the job because of Zende. Paris said Zende talked her into taking the job. She said he was so convincing and persuasive when he wanted her to take the job. She said she wanted the job. She said she wanted a chance with Zende.

Finn said he and Steffy were just talking about having a family together. He asked her if she loved Liam. Hope told Liam that he ran to Steffy. She brought up the issues between her and Steffy. She couldn’t believe he would do what he did without even finding out if it was true. She said he couldn’t wait to be in her arms. She asked if he wanted his family with Steffy. He told her he didn’t. He said he wanted her. She asked why he was with Steffy. She said you didn’t make love to your ex-wife unless you missed her.

Zoe told Paris not to get involved with Zende because he was coming off a divorce. Paris told her she kissed him. She said the best part was that he kissed her back. Finn asked if Steffy still wanted Liam. She said she didn’t. She said they shared a child together. She said she and Liam had good memories, but they also had bad memories. She said Finn was special. She didn’t want to lose him. She asked if he could forgive her. Liam told Hope that she was his wife. He said they could come back from this. He wanted to prove that she was the most precious thing in his life. He asked if she could give him that chance. She said he told the truth. She said he could have lied. She said she loved him. She said it would take time to move past this if they could. She said things wouldn’t be the same. She said she loved their family. She said they finally got Beth and the life they made for her and Douglas. She said their happiness meant everything to her so she was willing to try for their children. She told him it could never happen again. He said it would never happen again. He said he was going to repair the damage he did. She asked why he told her now. He said there was one other thing she needed to know. He said he could put the night behind them and never thought about it again. He said that might not be possible. She wanted to know what he was talking about. 

Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-21 Recap 12th January 2021.


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